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Tour Details

GA Tour - France, Part 2

Status: Active
Description: Bienvenue en France, Part Deux


Please refer to Part 1 for the overall France descriptor.


Part 2 continues your journey along the northern coast and down along the Seine River and the Alps back towards the French Riviera. Legs 8 and 9 will be the only times on this tour that you cross over a prior flight path. This was necessary so that on Leg 8 from LFRC to LFRN you will fly close to Le Mont Saint Michel. When you pass by LFRF start following the coastline and then straight to the mouth of the River Couesnon to see it. Leg 15 has you briefly flying over the Swiss and French Alps until you land on the sloped runway at Courchevel. Leg 17 takes you from the Cannes Film Festival out into the Mediterranean Sea for a brief stop on Corsica before returning you to the French mainland.


Tour created by MAC0124 Steve K.

Division: Open Division
GA Tour - France, Part 2

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Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Châlons-Vatry Air Base (LFOK)Amiens-Glisy Airport (LFAY)MACGAFRC121GA LIGHT AIR97 nm
2Amiens-Glisy Airport (LFAY)Deauville-Saint-Gatien Airport (LFRG)MACGAFRC122GA LIGHT AIR92 nm
3Deauville-Saint-Gatien Airport (LFRG)Granville Airport (LFRF)MACGAFRC123GA LIGHT AIR74 nm
4Granville Airport (LFRF)Belle Ile Airport (LFEA)MACGAFRC124GA LIGHT AIR114 nm
5Belle Ile Airport (LFEA)Ouessant Airport (LFEC)MACGAFRC125GA LIGHT AIR102 nm
6Ouessant Airport (LFEC)Saint-Brieuc-Armor Airport (LFRT)MACGAFRC126GA LIGHT AIR88 nm
7Saint-Brieuc-Armor Airport (LFRT)Cherbourg-Maupertus Airport (LFRC)MACGAFRC127GA LIGHT AIR86 nm
8Cherbourg-Maupertus Airport (LFRC)Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport (LFRN)MACGAFRC128GA LIGHT AIR95 nm
9Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport (LFRN)Le Havre Octeville Airport (LFOH)MACGAFRC129GA LIGHT AIR114 nm
10Le Havre Octeville Airport (LFOH)Calais-Dunkerque Airport (LFAC)MACGAFRC130GA LIGHT AIR112 nm
11Calais-Dunkerque Airport (LFAC)Charleville-Mézières Airport (LFQV)MACGAFRC131GA LIGHT AIR125 nm
12Charleville-Mézières Airport (LFQV)Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport (LFJL)MACGAFRC132GA LIGHT AIR79 nm
13Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport (LFJL)Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport (LFGB)MACGAFRC133GA LIGHT AIR88 nm
14Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport (LFGB)Pontarlier Airport (LFSP)MACGAFRC134GA LIGHT AIR67 nm
15Pontarlier Airport (LFSP)Courchevel Airport (LFLJ)MACGAFRC135GA LIGHT AIR92 nm
16Courchevel Airport (LFLJ)Cannes-Mandelieu Airport (LFMD)MACGAFRC136GA LIGHT AIR112 nm
17Cannes-Mandelieu Airport (LFMD)Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport (LFKC)MACGAFRC137GA LIGHT AIR102 nm
18Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport (LFKC)La Môle Airport (LFTZ)MACGAFRC138GA LIGHT AIR110 nm
19La Môle Airport (LFTZ)Grenoble Le Versoud Airport (LFLG)MACGAFRC139GA LIGHT AIR124 nm
20Grenoble Le Versoud Airport (LFLG)Marseille Provence Airport (LFML)MACGAFRC140GA LIGHT AIR110 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1983 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: LFOKLeg: 1 To: LFAYLeg: 2 To: LFRGLeg: 3 To: LFRFLeg: 4 To: LFEALeg: 5 To: LFECLeg: 6 To: LFRTLeg: 7 To: LFRCLeg: 8 To: LFRNLeg: 9 To: LFOHLeg: 10 To: LFACLeg: 11 To: LFQVLeg: 12 To: LFJLLeg: 13 To: LFGBLeg: 14 To: LFSPLeg: 15 To: LFLJLeg: 16 To: LFMDLeg: 17 To: LFKCLeg: 18 To: LFTZLeg: 19 To: LFLGLeg: 20 To: LFMLComplete
1Norman Swanson - MAC0257********************Tour Completed

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