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Tour Details

Airbus 330 Challenge Tour

Status: Active
Description: This is the A330 Tour I created on a request from Captain Mac a few weeks back. With 20 LEGS and a total of 36386 nm it will take you from Halifax Canada all the way across to Asturias Spain...with some detours.

Some of the airports are fairly big, others not so much, to provide some challenges. All the airports are in P3D but I would recommend verifying the elevation of the arrival runway so there’s no surprises. Most of those destination airports are place we don’t generally fly to as simmers, so I hope you enjoy the trip.

For flight planning purposes, you may have to replace UGGG with UGTB for LEGs 10 & 11

Tour created by Pat Leclerc (MAC0011)
Division: Open Division
Airbus 330 Challenge Tour

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Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Halifax / Stanfield International Airport (CYHZ)Savannah Hilton Head International Airport (KSAV)MACA33TOR-100A330-3001126 nm
2Savannah Hilton Head International Airport (KSAV)Licenciado Benito Juarez International Airport (MMMX)MACA33TOR-101A330-3001227 nm
3Licenciado Benito Juarez International Airport (MMMX)Tocumen International Airport (MPTO)MACA33TOR-102A330-3001302 nm
4Tocumen International Airport (MPTO)Mount Pleasant Airport (EGYP)MACA33TOR-103A330-3003801 nm
5Mount Pleasant Airport (EGYP)Polokwane International Airport (FAPP)MACA33TOR-104A330-3004223 nm
6Polokwane International Airport (FAPP)Amílcar Cabral International Airport (GVAC)MACA33TOR-105A330-3003916 nm
7Amílcar Cabral International Airport (GVAC)Gibraltar Airport (LXGB)MACA33TOR-106A330-3001494 nm
8Gibraltar Airport (LXGB)Reggio Calabria Airport (LICR)MACA33TOR-107A330-3001012 nm
9Reggio Calabria Airport (LICR)Sitia Airport (LGST)MACA33TOR-108A330-300532 nm
10Sitia Airport (LGST)Tbilisi International Airport (UGGG)MACA33TOR-109A330-300967 nm
11Tbilisi International Airport (UGGG)Trivandrum International Airport (VOTV)MACA33TOR-110A330-3002677 nm
12Trivandrum International Airport (VOTV)Sentani Airport (WAJJ)MACA33TOR-111A330-3003867 nm
13Sentani Airport (WAJJ)Kaohsiung International Airport (RCKH)MACA33TOR-112A330-3001912 nm
14Kaohsiung International Airport (RCKH)Yelizovo Airport (UHPP)MACA33TOR-113A330-3002524 nm
15Yelizovo Airport (UHPP)Sokol Airport (UHMM)MACA33TOR-114A330-300479 nm
16Sokol Airport (UHMM)Chita-Kadala Airport (UIAA)MACA33TOR-115A330-3001326 nm
17Chita-Kadala Airport (UIAA)Norilsk-Alykel Airport (UOOO)MACA33TOR-116A330-3001271 nm
18Norilsk-Alykel Airport (UOOO)Pulkovo Airport (ULLI)MACA33TOR-117A330-3001516 nm
19Pulkovo Airport (ULLI)Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport (LFMN)MACA33TOR-118A330-3001282 nm
20Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport (LFMN)Asturias Airport (LEAS)MACA33TOR-119A330-300577 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 37031 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: CYHZLeg: 1 To: KSAVLeg: 2 To: MMMXLeg: 3 To: MPTOLeg: 4 To: EGYPLeg: 5 To: FAPPLeg: 6 To: GVACLeg: 7 To: LXGBLeg: 8 To: LICRLeg: 9 To: LGSTLeg: 10 To: UGGGLeg: 11 To: VOTVLeg: 12 To: WAJJLeg: 13 To: RCKHLeg: 14 To: UHPPLeg: 15 To: UHMMLeg: 16 To: UIAALeg: 17 To: UOOOLeg: 18 To: ULLILeg: 19 To: LFMNLeg: 20 To: LEASComplete
1Richard Baker - MAC0183***                  
2Kevin Crouch - MAC0073********************Tour Completed
3Ajay Chaudhari - MAC0620                     

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