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Tour Details

US GA Tour - Texas, Part 2

Status: Active
Description: Everything is bigger in Texas to include the state itself. It’s so big that to fly around it in a general aviation craft requires a three-part tour consisting of 54 total legs (you’re welcome). Most flights hover around an hour apiece. Several are much shorter, and only a couple will require some extra time.

To get credit for this tour all parts must be completed in sequence. If an airport code is not found in your sim, try removing the “K” in front of it as many state airport codes only use 3 digits. This tour was created by Steve K.

NOTE: FSX users (& maybe others): For leg #11, instead of KCVB, fly to T89.

Division: Open Division
US GA Tour - Texas, Part 2

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Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Karnes County Airport (K2R9)Stinson Municipal Airport (KSSF)MACUSGATX119GA LIGHT AIR44 nm
2Stinson Municipal Airport (KSSF)Live Oak County Airport (K8T6)MACUSGATX120GA LIGHT AIR61 nm
3Live Oak County Airport (K8T6)Corpus Christi International Airport (KCRP)MACUSGATX121GA LIGHT AIR48 nm
4Corpus Christi International Airport (KCRP)Victoria Regional Airport (KVCT)MACUSGATX122GA LIGHT AIR72 nm
5Victoria Regional Airport (KVCT)Aransas County Airport (KRKP)MACUSGATX123GA LIGHT AIR46 nm
6Aransas County Airport (KRKP)Calhoun County Airport (KPKV)MACUSGATX124GA LIGHT AIR57 nm
7Calhoun County Airport (KPKV)Scholes International At Galveston Airport (KGLS)MACUSGATX125GA LIGHT AIR80 nm
8Scholes International At Galveston Airport (KGLS)Mustang Beach Airport (KRAS)MACUSGATX126GA LIGHT AIR146 nm
9Mustang Beach Airport (KRAS)Port Isabel Cameron County Airport (KPIL)MACUSGATX127GA LIGHT AIR99 nm
10Port Isabel Cameron County Airport (KPIL)Laredo International Airport (KLRD)MACUSGATX128GA LIGHT AIR140 nm
11Laredo International Airport (KLRD)Castroville Municipal Airport (KCVB)MACUSGATX129GA LIGHT AIR112 nm
12Castroville Municipal Airport (KCVB)Del Rio International Airport (KDRT)MACUSGATX130GA LIGHT AIR17 nm
13Del Rio International Airport (KDRT)South Texas Regional Airport at Hondo (KHDO)MACUSGATX131GA LIGHT AIR92 nm
14South Texas Regional Airport at Hondo (KHDO)Kimble County Airport (KJCT)MACUSGATX132GA LIGHT AIR91 nm
15Kimble County Airport (KJCT)Fort Worth Spinks Airport (KFWS)MACUSGATX133GA LIGHT AIR176 nm
16Fort Worth Spinks Airport (KFWS)Brownwood Regional Airport (KBWD)MACUSGATX134GA LIGHT AIR96 nm
17Brownwood Regional Airport (KBWD)Sonora Municipal Airport (KSOA)MACUSGATX135GA LIGHT AIR113 nm
18Sonora Municipal Airport (KSOA)San Angelo Regional Mathis Field (KSJT)MACUSGATX136GA LIGHT AIR47 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1539 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: K2R9Leg: 1 To: KSSFLeg: 2 To: K8T6Leg: 3 To: KCRPLeg: 4 To: KVCTLeg: 5 To: KRKPLeg: 6 To: KPKVLeg: 7 To: KGLSLeg: 8 To: KRASLeg: 9 To: KPILLeg: 10 To: KLRDLeg: 11 To: KCVBLeg: 12 To: KDRTLeg: 13 To: KHDOLeg: 14 To: KJCTLeg: 15 To: KFWSLeg: 16 To: KBWDLeg: 17 To: KSOALeg: 18 To: KSJTComplete
1Norman Swanson - MAC0257******************Tour Completed
2Richard Baker - MAC0183                   
3Randy Howard - PRO0477******************Tour Completed
4Steve Kightlinger - MAC0124******************Tour Completed

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