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Tour Details

My Aussie walkabout Part 2

Status: Active
Description: This two part Tour will take you around Australia in your favorite GA plane. This Tour was created by Norm Swanson (MAC0257) He included 5 airports that he visited in his Air Force travels. To get the badge, you'll need to complete the two parts.
Division: Open Division
My Aussie walkabout Part 2

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Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Mount Gambier Airport (YMTG)Adelaide International Airport (YPAD)MACAUSGA120C206 STATION200 nm
2Adelaide International Airport (YPAD)Whyalla Airport (YWHA)MACAUSGA121C206 STATION124 nm
3Whyalla Airport (YWHA)Ceduna Airport (YCDU)MACAUSGA122C206 STATION201 nm
4Ceduna Airport (YCDU)Forrest Airport (YFRT)MACAUSGA123C206 STATION279 nm
5Forrest Airport (YFRT)Esperance Airport (YESP)MACAUSGA124C206 STATION363 nm
6Esperance Airport (YESP)Albany Airport (YABA)MACAUSGA125C206 STATION213 nm
7Albany Airport (YABA)Perth International Airport (YPPH)MACAUSGA126C206 STATION202 nm
8Perth International Airport (YPPH)Geraldton Airport (YGEL)MACAUSGA127C206 STATION199 nm
9Geraldton Airport (YGEL)Meekatharra Airport (YMEK)MACAUSGA128C206 STATION243 nm
10Meekatharra Airport (YMEK)Paraburdoo Airport (YPBO)MACAUSGA129C206 STATION210 nm
11Paraburdoo Airport (YPBO)Learmonth Airport (YPLM)MACAUSGA130C206 STATION210 nm
12Learmonth Airport (YPLM)Karratha Airport (YPKA)MACAUSGA131C206 STATION176 nm
13Karratha Airport (YPKA)Port Hedland International Airport (YPPD)MACAUSGA132C206 STATION106 nm
14Port Hedland International Airport (YPPD)Broome International Airport (YBRM)MACAUSGA133C206 STATION251 nm
15Broome International Airport (YBRM)RAAF Base Curtin (YCIN)MACAUSGA134C206 STATION94 nm
16RAAF Base Curtin (YCIN)Halls Creek Airport (YHLC)MACAUSGA135C206 STATION223 nm
17Halls Creek Airport (YHLC)Argyle Airport (YARG)MACAUSGA136C206 STATION105 nm
18Argyle Airport (YARG)Kununurra Airport (YPKU)MACAUSGA137C206 STATION53 nm
19Kununurra Airport (YPKU)Darwin International Airport (YPDN)MACAUSGA138C206 STATION237 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 3689 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: YMTGLeg: 1 To: YPADLeg: 2 To: YWHALeg: 3 To: YCDULeg: 4 To: YFRTLeg: 5 To: YESPLeg: 6 To: YABALeg: 7 To: YPPHLeg: 8 To: YGELLeg: 9 To: YMEKLeg: 10 To: YPBOLeg: 11 To: YPLMLeg: 12 To: YPKALeg: 13 To: YPPDLeg: 14 To: YBRMLeg: 15 To: YCINLeg: 16 To: YHLCLeg: 17 To: YARGLeg: 18 To: YPKULeg: 19 To: YPDNComplete
1Norman Swanson - MAC0257*******************Tour Completed
2Steve Kightlinger - MAC0124*******************Tour Completed
3Thomas Pritchard - MAC0539*******************Tour Completed

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