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Tour Details

US GA Tour - Florida

Status: Active
Description: Welcome to sunny Florida. You'll begin your tour in beautiful Key West, which is the southernmost airport in the United States. From there you'll enjoy a beautiful zig zagging route up the spine of the state, hitting airports on both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Once you're as far north in the state as possible, you'll work across the panhandle ending your journey on the ivory beaches of Pensacola. These airports make it easy to connect you into and out of the state for whatever journey you have planned afterward. I intentionally kept your route away from the Miami area so that you won't need to bring your passport. Enjoy Florida. Pack plenty of sunscreen and bring along some shades. Thanks to Steve K. for all the work on this part of the US GA Tour.
Division: Open Division
US GA Tour - Florida

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Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Key West International Airport (KEYW)The Florida Keys Marathon Airport (KMTH)MACATX041GA LIGHT AIR40 nm
2The Florida Keys Marathon Airport (KMTH)Ocean Reef Club Airport (07FA)MACATX042GA LIGHT AIR56 nm
3Ocean Reef Club Airport (07FA)Everglades Airpark (X01)MACATX043GA LIGHT AIR68 nm
4Everglades Airpark (X01)Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE)MACATX044GA LIGHT AIR69 nm
5Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE)Palm Beach County Glades Airport (KPHK)MACATX045GA LIGHT AIR45 nm
6Palm Beach County Glades Airport (KPHK)Venice Municipal Airport (KVNC)MACATX046GA LIGHT AIR95 nm
7Venice Municipal Airport (KVNC)Peter O Knight Airport (KTPF)MACATX047GA LIGHT AIR51 nm
8Peter O Knight Airport (KTPF)Orlampa Inc Airport (FA08)MACATX048GA LIGHT AIR37 nm
9Orlampa Inc Airport (FA08)Merritt Island Airport (KCOI)MACATX049GA LIGHT AIR60 nm
10Merritt Island Airport (KCOI)Spruce Creek Airport (7FL6)MACATX050GA LIGHT AIR48 nm
11Spruce Creek Airport (7FL6)Hidden Lake Airport (FA40)MACATX051GA LIGHT AIR97 nm
12Hidden Lake Airport (FA40)Crystal River Airport (KCGC)MACATX052GA LIGHT AIR35 nm
13Crystal River Airport (KCGC)George T Lewis Airport (CDK)MACATX053GA LIGHT AIR30 nm
14George T Lewis Airport (CDK)Gainesville Regional Airport (KGNV)MACATX054GA LIGHT AIR53 nm
15Gainesville Regional Airport (KGNV)Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (KCRG)MACATX055GA LIGHT AIR55 nm
16Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (KCRG)Cross City Airport (KCTY)MACATX056GA LIGHT AIR93 nm
17Cross City Airport (KCTY)Suwannee County Airport (24J)MACATX057GA LIGHT AIR40 nm
18Suwannee County Airport (24J)Apalachicola Regional Airport (KAAF)MACATX058GA LIGHT AIR110 nm
19Apalachicola Regional Airport (KAAF)Marianna Municipal Airport (KMAI)MACATX059GA LIGHT AIR67 nm
20Marianna Municipal Airport (KMAI)Pensacola Regional Airport (KPNS)MACATX060GA LIGHT AIR106 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1256 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: KEYWLeg: 1 To: KMTHLeg: 2 To: 07FALeg: 3 To: X01Leg: 4 To: KFXELeg: 5 To: KPHKLeg: 6 To: KVNCLeg: 7 To: KTPFLeg: 8 To: FA08Leg: 9 To: KCOILeg: 10 To: 7FL6Leg: 11 To: FA40Leg: 12 To: KCGCLeg: 13 To: CDKLeg: 14 To: KGNVLeg: 15 To: KCRGLeg: 16 To: KCTYLeg: 17 To: 24JLeg: 18 To: KAAFLeg: 19 To: KMAILeg: 20 To: KPNSComplete
1Norman Swanson - MAC0257********************Tour Completed
2Greg Joyner - MAC0114********************Tour Completed
3Steve Kightlinger - MAC0124********************Tour Completed
4Richard Baker - MAC0183********************Tour Completed
5Pat Leclerc - PRO0011                     
6Joseph Andujar - PRO0160********************Tour Completed
7Thomas Pritchard - MAC0539********************Tour Completed
8Randy Howard - PRO0477********************Tour Completed
9Jim Sims - MAC0568********************Tour Completed

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