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Sylvain Mateo's Statistics

Name: Sylvain Mateo Hours: 3314.52
Pilot ID: MAC0646 Flights: 18
Hub: LEBL Distance Flown: 25199 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 2 Days ago
Hire Date: 12/29/2022 Last Flight Date: 02/04/2023

Sylvain Mateo (Hired 40 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (18)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACOUN106 YSCB NZAA A320 (ANZ-A320) 02.35 02/04/2023 Accepted
MACQFA585 YPDN YSCB 737-800 (QFA-B738) 03.51 02/04/2023 Accepted
MACQFA554 YPPH YPDN 737-800 (QFA-B738) 03.27 01/29/2023 Accepted
MACJST322 YMML YPPH A320 (JST-A320) 03.46 01/28/2023 Accepted
MACJST207 YMHB YMML A320 (JST-A320) 01.02 01/28/2023 Accepted
MACJST209 YSSY YMHB A320 (JST-A320) 01.29 01/27/2023 Accepted
MACQFA107 PHNL YSSY A330-300 (QFA-A333) 09.55 01/24/2023 Accepted
MACHAL11 KLAX PHNL A330-200 (HAL-A332) 05.06 01/22/2023 Accepted
MACVRD101 MMUN KLAX A320 (VRD-A320) 04.49 01/21/2023 Accepted
MACTSC29 CYUL MMUN A310 (TSC-A310) 04.19 01/21/2023 Accepted
MACTSC127 LFBD CYUL A310 (TSC-A310) 08.10 01/15/2023 Accepted
MACAFR874 LFPO LFBD A320 (AFR-A320) 00.52 01/14/2023 Accepted
MACAFR762 LFBO LFPO A320 (AFR-A320) 01.07 01/11/2023 Accepted
MACAFR194 LMML LFBO A319 (AFR-A319) 02.09 01/08/2023 Accepted
MACAMC72 EGKK LMML A320 (AMC-A320) 02.55 01/08/2023 Accepted
MACEZY3063 LPMA EGKK A320 (EZY-A320) 03.20 01/07/2023 Accepted
MACRZO63 EIDW LPMA A320 (RZO-A320) 03.44 01/02/2023 Accepted
MACEIN73 EGJJ EIDW A320 (EIN-A320) 00.58 01/02/2023 Accepted