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Flight MACCUB-101

  • Submitted By: Steve Kightlinger
  • Departure Airport: Berlevåg Airport (ENBV)
  • Arrival Airport: Vardø Airport, Svartnes (ENSS)
  • Aircraft: J3 CUB (MAC-J3)
  • Flight Time: 00.45
  • Date Submitted: 18/01/2024
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(191 load / $ 90.00 per unit
$ 17, 190.00
Fuel Cost:
(23 fuel used @ 0.5 / unit)
$ 11.50

Additional Log Information:

2024-01-18T05:35:09.050Z - Using Flight Simulator X
2024-01-18T05:35:09.050Z - Flying Piper Cub
2024-01-18T05:35:09.050Z - Paused
2024-01-18T05:35:09.050Z - Now boarding
2024-01-18T05:35:09.050Z - COM1: 121.700, COM2: 127.800, NAV1: 110.30, NAV2: 110.60, Transponder: 1200
2024-01-18T05:35:26.949Z - Unpaused
2024-01-18T05:35:34.137Z - Engine 1 On
2024-01-18T05:36:18.428Z - Pushing back with 71 lbs of fuel
2024-01-18T05:36:43.129Z - Taxiing out
2024-01-18T05:38:57.948Z - Taking off
2024-01-18T05:39:02.052Z - Climbing at 63 kts, -1 degrees pitch, -1 degrees bank
2024-01-18T05:39:03.597Z - Cruising at 0 ft
2024-01-18T06:05:58.350Z - Paused
2024-01-18T06:06:02.427Z - Unpaused
2024-01-18T06:24:09.529Z - Touched down at 0 fpm, 1.0g, 50 kts, -1 degrees pitch, 0 degrees bank
2024-01-18T06:24:21.826Z - Taxiing to gate, landed in 663 ft
2024-01-18T06:26:48.094Z - Engine 1 Off


Commenter Comment
Steve Kightlinger Note to staff: SC3 may not be "sensitive" enough to register accurate landing rates on very slow aircraft (landing around 50 kts). First two flights of this tour registered a lower FPM rate in SC3 than MACARs. This flight was -16.15fpm in MACARs while SC3 gave it a 0. My first flight landed somewhere around -50fpm in MACARS but SC3 logged it as -6. Will track the rates for all flights for this tour and see if there's a clear pattern.

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