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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/05/2021

DotM May 2021


Airport- PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Apt

Division: Cargo


This is one of the busiest cargo airports in the world, consistently ranking 4th or 5th place for the last 10 years and moving 2.5 to 3 million tonnes a year.  Most cargo arriving here actually comes from the top three ranked cargo airports of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Memphis. 


Think about it…. Look around you and count how many items were made in China.  Most Asian cargo planes simply cannot reach the mainland USA directly with a full cargo load so they will fly to Alaska and refuel.  As for Memphis, it’s the main hub for FedEx and they have a feeder hub at Anchorage to help serve the smaller Alaskan airports, plus being a mid-stop for them to refuel into the Asian theatre. 


This month you’ll help to carry the load, sort of speak.  Take a cargo load from an airport of your choice into Anchorage.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
HST717-110Jim SimsPHOGPHTO717-20000.39.14-79.97 ft/m Pending
MACBCGA104Thomas PritchardCYZPCYPRMOONEY M2000.30-72 ft/m Pending
MACRYR16Ian CordrayEGSSEINN737-80001.22.02-246.06 ft/m Pending
MACBCGA103Thomas PritchardCYJQCYZPMOONEY M2000.57-62 ft/m Pending
MACBCGA102Thomas PritchardCYZTCYJQMOONEY M2000.36-98 ft/m Accepted
MACANZ181Sylvain MateoNZWNNFFNA32003.58.52-133 ft/m Accepted
HSTF50-159Steve KightlingerLFRSEGLCFOKKER 5001.19.09-72.28 ft/m Accepted
MACBCGA101Thomas PritchardCYQQCYZTMOONEY M2000.43-31 ft/m Accepted
MACRYR1439Ian CordrayEGAEEGSS737-80001.13.48-65.36 ft/m Accepted
CHR12656Joacim OlssonESGEETSLGA LIGHT AIR02.47-88 ft/m Accepted

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Jim CruseUnited States

Recent Bids

Steve has chosen flight HSTF50-139 departing from YPAD arriving at YSSY,and will be flying a FOKKER 50 (QFA-F50)

Steve has chosen flight HSTF50-138 departing from YOLD arriving at YPAD,and will be flying a FOKKER 50 (QFA-F50)

Steve has chosen flight HSTF50-137 departing from YPAD arriving at YOLD,and will be flying a FOKKER 50 (QFA-F50)

Steve has chosen flight HSTF50-136 departing from YSSY arriving at YPAD,and will be flying a FOKKER 50 (QFA-F50)

Recent Activity

MAC0568 Jim Sims has filed a PIREP from PHOG to PHTO View Flight Report

MAC0539 Thomas Pritchard has filed a PIREP from CYZP to CYPR View Flight Report

MAC0599 Ian Cordray has filed a PIREP from EGSS to EINN View Flight Report

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