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Posted by Pat Leclerc on 04/05/2020

DoTM May 2020


Effective immediately, The minimum flight requirement to stay active for all currently active pilots is suspended until further notice. The staff is well aware of the challenges the current world events have had on our members. The last thing we want is for this VA to be a burden for anyone. So we have suspended the minimum requirements to remain active this way members that may not be able to fly wiith us often as a result of the global pandemic can fly without having to worry when they are able. Furthermore, any pilot currently on a LOA will just have to request to be back active and will be able to stay active. We want to make sure we are here for you when you need us. We wish for everyone to remain in good health and to stay safe.


DoTM May 2020

Airport- KATL

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, US

Division: Cargo


For the month of May, we're flying back to the United States...Atlanta to be exact.


To mix it up a bit, we'll use the Cargo Division Schedule for this one. It offers a nice variety of airframes to use and Deparure Airports connecting to Atlanta.

Go check it out HERE

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACUAL5047David SillenceKORDKIAD737-90001.38.51-97.66 ft/m Accepted
MACUK-GA29Matt HillEGHIEGTEBEECH B20000.54.30-100.73 ft/m Accepted
MACLVP-101Ahmed SalehKSOWKPHXBEECH 1900D01.16.32-86.89 ft/m Accepted
MACLVP-100Ahmed SalehKPHXKSOWBEECH 1900D00.47.58-271.44 ft/m Accepted
MACUSA-130Randy HowardKBFMKGWO737-70001.09.03-89.2 ft/m Accepted
CHR12180Dallas ManningKATLKMCOA32001.24.02-179.93 ft/m Accepted
MACDAL1848Michael PessalanoKLGAKBUFCRJ-70001.07.44-103.81 ft/m Accepted
MACTAI141Waldo PetriSPIMSPZOA32001.08.52-225.3 ft/m Accepted
MACUAL13543Michael PessalanoKIADKLGAEMBRAER 17001.04.23-162.25 ft/m Accepted
MACALSKTOR-35Joseph AndujarPATAPARYKODIAK QUEST00.38.34-95.35 ft/m Accepted

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Sylvain MateoFrance
Joseph AndujarUnited States
Peter GoodmanUnited Kingdom

Recent Bids

Joseph has chosen flight MACALSKTOR-36 departing from PARY arriving at PFKU,and will be flying a KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000)

Gary has chosen flight MACAUSGA104 departing from YBCS arriving at YBWP,and will be flying a C206 STATION (CNA-C206)

Gary has chosen flight MACAUSGA103 departing from YBTL arriving at YBCS,and will be flying a C206 STATION (CNA-C206)

Gilles has chosen flight MACALSKTOR-20 departing from PALU arriving at PAWI,and will be flying a KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000)

Recent Activity

MAC0369 David Sillence has filed a PIREP from KORD to KIAD View Flight Report

MAC0076 Matt Hill has filed a PIREP from EGHI to EGTE View Flight Report

MAC0500 Ahmed Saleh has filed a PIREP from KSOW to KPHX View Flight Report

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