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Posted by Ken Chamberlain on 04/04/2019

April DotM

Airport- WSSS

Singapore Changi International
Division: Open
It's April already!
This month, we will be heading to Singapore, and the Chiangi International Airport, which is currently rated as the Worlds Best Airport, according to Skytrax. This is actually the seventh  year in a row for the award!
The airport itself in one of the largest hubs in Southeast Asia, and is located about 20km north of the downtown core. Singapore Changi is home to Singapore Airlines, who currently operates the world's longets flight, flight 21/22, between Singapore and Newark NJ.
However, this month isn't an ordinary month for the airport- Since 2013, it has been envisioned that the airport will rival Kuala Lumpur and Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok, with the construction of the Jewel Changi Airport.
The 'Jewel' is built as mixed-use, and will expand Terminal 1's reception by 70%. Attractions to the complex will include the Forest Valley, an indoor 5-storey garden; Canopy Park, with more gardens and lesuire facilities; and the Rain Vortex, the world's largest indoor waterfall.

What does all of this mean for the Destination of the Month? The Jewel complex is set to open this month, and the airport has registration open to take a tour of the facility before the official ceremony! There are bound to be people traveling to the airport, so Millennium Aviation should take them!


For more infomation, see the forum post Here.




Can't see the forum post? Check this message from Greg J, MacAir COO:


REGISTER FOR THE MACAIR FORUMS. NO PIREPS SHALL BE APPROVED NOR DIVISION APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED WITHOUT A MACAIR FORUM PROFILE! The only option to receive information on MacAir Events, Schedule changes, support for your sim, site support, etc. is via the forums. Pilots without a forum registration will have their profiles removed without notice (including hours, progress, etc.) during our monthly roster cleanup.

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MACSAS1951Matt HillEGCCENBR737-80001.50.54-152.25 ft/m Accepted
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PROCOM-145Joacim OlssonYMHBYMMLEMBRAER 19501.11.33-291 ft/m Pending
CHR11448David WileyKINDKAIDKODIAK QUEST00.15.29-17.69 ft/m Accepted

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