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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/10/2023

DotM October 2023

Airport: EGSS – London Stansted Airport, England


Stansted is one of 6 international airports serving London.  It is the second furthest by just 1km, being 63km from London’s city center.  It is a hub base for low-cost carriers including EasyJet and it is the largest base for RyanAir.

It has seen many routes over the years, but the oddest may have been a weekly flight between Stansted and Minneapolis, Minnesota aboard a Sun Country Airlines Boeing 738-800.  The plane couldn’t fly non-stop so it made a technical refueling stop in Gander, Newfoundland.  Stansted also sees an active share of cargo flights from various carriers.  Antonov Airlines opened a UK office here for cargo charter flights primarily to handle oversized loads.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACGAMSRV108Norman SwansonKPDCKSFYGA LIGHT AIR00.44-90 ft/m Pending
CHR12712Michael SchmittKBLVKPIEA32001.49-246.832 ft/m Accepted
MACEZY2111Steve KightlingerLSGGEGSSA31901.09-24.6063 ft/m Accepted
MACRYR1153Peter GoodmanEKBIEGSS737-80001.25-161 ft/m Accepted
MACROF112Kevin CrouchWABBAGGH737-70003.48-313.73 ft/m Accepted
MACSWR168Steve KightlingerLGAVLSGGA32002.43-5.38263 ft/m Accepted
CHR13496Steve KightlingerHLLTLGAVA32001.47-150.714 ft/m Accepted
MACSWZL10Norman SwansonLSZSLSZRGA LIGHT AIR00.29-30 ft/m Accepted
MACSWZL10Gary BrooksLSZSLSZRTBM-85000.19-39 ft/m Accepted
MACSWZL9Norman SwansonLSPMLSZSGA LIGHT AIR00.25-77 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Bids

Pat has chosen flight MACRYR1385 departing from LEMD arriving at EGSS,and will be flying a 737-800 (RYR-B738)

Pat has chosen flight MACAZA189 departing from LIRF arriving at LEMD,and will be flying a A319 (AZA-A319)

Pat has chosen flight MACAAW29 departing from HLLT arriving at LIRF,and will be flying a A320 (AAW-A320)

Robert has chosen flight MACAAL168 departing from KLAX arriving at KMCO,and will be flying a A320 (AAL-A320)

Recent Activity

MAC0257 Norman Swanson has filed a PIREP from KPDC to KSFY View Flight Report

MAC0572 Michael Schmitt has filed a PIREP from KBLV to KPIE View Flight Report

MAC0124 Steve Kightlinger has filed a PIREP from LSGG to EGSS View Flight Report

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