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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/11/2022

NOTAM / DotM Nov 2022

MacAir Pilots, I have a few important announcement's to make. 
1. We have made a few changes to the MacAir POH. Most notably how our Airframe Substitution Chart.  The changes we have made will allow for more freedom in your choice of airframe.  Remember it is each pilots responsibility to be up to date with the POH. 
2. We have fully transitioned over to a new webhosting service. TFDi Designs. This merger has enabled MacAir to lower its yearly operational cost from $110 per year to $68 to and give us an opportunity to update our website to bring you a better user experience. 
3. I am super proud to announce MacAir has our own Maestro ! Staff Member @MAC0304 Jim C. wife. Mrs C. Which she has worked along side our CEO for the last few weeks on a new logo for MacAir. We were so impressed we have decided to not only create a new logo but create a new image for MacAir. The attached photo is the final product of the weeks of work. Soon we will be moving forward with the updates to the website. But also releasing the liveries with our new logo and image. As of now the staff is finalizing a list of aircraft we will creating the liveries for. Once it is final we will bring the list to you. 
I lastly want to thank you all for your continued support of MacAir. We have a lot of great things coming soon and cant wait to share them with you all. 
MacAir COO
Joe A.



November 2022 DotM


Airport: VQPR – Paro Airport, Bhutan

Division: Open / Historical


Several months ago I posted a video in the Discord Lounge of a rough approach and landing into Paro by a 737 crew (“Bank Angle Check”).  I thought we had flown in here before but after looking at the history log I saw this was never a destination of the month.  Time to remedy that.  Paro is considered one of the most dangerous approaches in the world with surrounding peaks as high as 18,000 ft.  Fewer than two dozen pilots are certified to land here.  Since this is November this month’s DotM will be even more challenging for those who fly their sims with real-world weather.

The airport was originally designed for the Indian armed forces’ helicopter operations in 1968.  Bhutan’s first airline, Drukair, was established in 1981 and to use Paro a runway was built to 3,900 ft in length.  This length limited Drukair to STOL craft and they worked through the Dornier 228, the ATR-42, and eventually the Bae 146 as their first “jet” aircraft. A new replacement aircraft was sought and in 2004 the first Drukair Airbus A319 arrived.  Today, Paro remain’s Bhutan’s sole international airport with the runway extended to 7,431 ft to better accommodate the Airbus.

All of the open schedule flights to Paro use either an A319 or B733.  For those registered in the Historical division you can fly into Paro with one of Drukair’s earlier ATR-42s.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACEUN-174Hal ButtsLCLKLMMLA32002.22-578 ft/m Accepted
MACEUN-173Hal ButtsLGAVLCLKA32001.19-191 ft/m Accepted
CHR13201Norman SwansonKNKXKTCMCESSNA C33706.50-146 ft/m Accepted
MACEUN-172Hal ButtsLBBGLGAVA31901.06-258 ft/m Accepted
MACGERGA05Thomas PritchardEDGSETADGA LIGHT AIR00.36-167 ft/m Accepted
MACRT66GA105Jim SimsK3LFK3K6GA LIGHT AIR00.14.29-101.5 ft/m Accepted
MACDAL1091Ajay ChaudhariKSEAEHAMB787-80009.10.27-53.06 ft/m Accepted
MACKATW-27Peter GoodmanKSATKLAS737-80002.4715 ft/m Accepted
MACKATW-26Peter GoodmanKVPSKSAT737-80002.07-128 ft/m Accepted
MACKATW-25Peter GoodmanKSPSKVPS737-80001.51-205 ft/m Accepted

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Hal has chosen flight MACEUN-175 departing from LMML arriving at LIBR,and will be flying a A319 (EIN-A319)

Thomas has chosen flight MACWAS-157 departing from CYXC arriving at CYCP,and will be flying a DASH 6 (NWL-DHC6)

Christopher has chosen flight MACSWA1280 departing from KLAS arriving at KSMF,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Christopher has chosen flight MACUAL3992 departing from KIAH arriving at KLAS,and will be flying a 737-800 (UAL-B738)

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MAC0635 Hal Butts has filed a PIREP from LCLK to LMML View Flight Report

MAC0635 Hal Butts has filed a PIREP from LGAV to LCLK View Flight Report

MAC0257 Norman Swanson has filed a PIREP from KNKX to KTCM View Flight Report

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