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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/07/2022

DotM July 2022

NOTAM: JUN 5 2021

Hello MacAir, as some may have already noticed. The website may be "missing" a few things you are used to seeing. This was done intentionally.

Steve K. has worked very hard on providing an amazing event in celebration of our anniversary.  To ensure we keep the integrity of the event intact we have removed the list of completed pending pireps for the public to see.

We realized that it is possible for pilots to see trends in submitted pireps and discover the location of the event. This will have no affect on your ability to submit pireps and have them accepted in a timely manner.

I appreciate everyone understanding. I will take this opportunity to thank Steve K. again for putting it all together and hope everyone participates.

MacAir COO 

Joe A.


July DoTM  

Airport: KSWF – Stewart Int’l Airport, NY, USA

Division: Open / Cargo


Happy 5th Anniversary MAC … Instead of picking the destination for this month I decided to take us where one of you has wanted to go.


I was looking through the old forum posts when we used to post our new tours there… These was a question posed asking the pilots where our next tour should be and our illustrious COO Joe A. suggested New York.  Unfortunately, NY had already been captured as part of a multi-state tour for the Northeast.  He then asked if his hometown could be added as a DotM.  Well Joe, it took a few years but this month is for you!


Stewart sits about 60 miles north of Manhattan and has grown into a significant passenger airport for the mid-Hudson region.  Its roots were as a military airfield and part of the ramps are still devoted to Air National Guard and Marine Corp Reserve flying units.  Despite its runway being long enough and designated a former emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle, the airport never really grew into the potential that it could achieve.  Most flight today are served by low-cost airlines such as Allegiant and JetBlue, primarily to sunnier destinations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.  One other low-cost carrier began flights recently which helped Stewart to retain its “international” status with flights heading to Iceland.


Stewart is also a good sized cargo hub for FedEx, the USPS and even for an Amazon distro center.  Therefore, for this month’s DotM you can fly into the airport using one of our Open or Cargo schedule flights.



Leg #7 – 2MW cutoff date = 31 Jul 22



1. Since we’ve used each continent once for this challenge, here’s where one of them gets repeated.


2. This city gets more non-Cardinals visiting it than any other city in the world.


3. If you consider the airport’s name carefully, you’ll realize it is the perfect synonym for "airport", which is befitting given that the city is named for an "avian aflame".

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