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Posted by Eric Grindstaff on 03/06/2017

Welcome To MacAir!

Thank you for joining Millennium Aviation Company! The founders (Captain_Mac and Eric "Easy" Grindstaff) have endeavored to create a one of a kind VA that encompasses the 3 main characteristics that most sim pilots look for in a virtual airline....

1.The ability to fly vintage aircraft using real world historic routes with a vintage ranking system in our Historic Division. 

2. The ability to just hop into any aircraft (no rank restriction) and fly to wherever you'd like in our Open Division.

3. A detailed, comprehensive, structured course mimicking real world training in our Professional Division complete with Theoretical Exams, Specific Training Flights, and real 'ride along instructors' for our Practical Checkrides!

Here at MacAir we have all three! Three separate divisions with individual tracking of hours, rank, location and aircraft for each division!

So be sure to read the Pilot Handbook... (must be logged in to access)

( discover the many features we offer and to learn how to navigate the site. You'll also learn what it takes to apply and join each division. The details of the Pro Division can be found in a separate Pro Division POH upon joining.

We also require all new pilots to register in our forums. This is to not only generate a sense of community in the VA but also because 100% of all MacAir Events, News, Support and other important information will be posted in the forums. Some of these events will also be posted on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed but to take advantage of all that Millennium offers, access to the forums is a must.

We also have a dedicated YouTube channel and Instagram page. Though it's not required we do encourage the use of FB and/or Twitter to insure you are connected to everything happening here.

Our social media pages can be accessed by clicking on any of the 'paper airplane' icons on our homepage.

If at any time you may have a question or concern please don't hesitate to post your issue in our support forum or feel free to PM or email a member of the admin staff or your hub manager. We're here to help make your simming experience not only fun, but educational and informative as well.

Safe flights!

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Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MAC119916Andres CuencaCYFBCYOW737-200 COMB02.53-255 ft/m Accepted
MAC109846Bill PodolakKEYWKRSWCESSNA LIGHT01.06-138 ft/m Accepted
MAC87824Andres CuencaBGGHCYFBDASH 8-20001.41-43 ft/m Accepted
MAC108382Eric GrindstaffEDDFOKBKA340-30005.11-409 ft/m Accepted
MAC95551Andres CuencaBIKFBGGHDASH 8-20002.36-261 ft/m Accepted
HST166376Jerry HKMSPKMCO717-20002.47-298 ft/m Accepted
MAC10027Pat LeclercCYOWCYHZ737-80001.19-55 ft/m Accepted
MAC127593Abrar AhmedCYHZCYULDASH 8-40001.48-73 ft/m Accepted
MAC144514Jeff HoffmanKPDXKOTHCESSNA LIGHT01.04-75 ft/m Accepted
MAC127487Abrar AhmedCYOWCYHZDASH 8-40001.43-331 ft/m Accepted

Pilots Online

There have been 2 user(s), and 60 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

Eric GrindstaffUnited States
Pat LeclercCanada

Recent Bids

Pat has chosen flight MAC52600 departing from CYUL arriving at CYHZ,and will be flying a 737-800 (CJA-B738)

Abrar has chosen flight MAC1000 departing from KDFW arriving at KEWR,and will be flying a 737-800 (AAL-B738)

Eric has chosen flight MAC150349 departing from KLAS arriving at KORF,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Eric has chosen flight MAC171672 departing from KSFO arriving at KLAS,and will be flying a A320 (UAL-A320)

Recent Activity

MAC0015 Andres Cuenca has filed a PIREP from CYFB to CYOW View Flight Report

MAC0017 Bill Podolak has filed a PIREP from KEYW to KRSW View Flight Report

MAC0015 Andres Cuenca has filed a PIREP from BGGH to CYFB View Flight Report

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