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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/02/2024

DotM February 2024


Airport: RJTH - Hachijojima Airport, Japan


This airport serves the island of the same name which is a large tourist destination among the Japanese for surfing, diving, and hiking.  The island boasts a “still active” volcano and its warm waters have made the island a prime breeding ground for humpback whales, which can be routinely spotted and viewed.  The island is home to some unique flora including a bioluminescent mushroom which the locals call hato-no-hi (pigeon fire).  The islands fairly temperate weather year round has likened the island to being the “Hawaii of Japan”….. 


During World War II the airport and island were of strategic value to the Japanese Navy.  The airport was a ferry point for naval fighters flying from the mainland to aircraft carriers further out in the Pacific, and there was a base established on the island for “suicide submarines” that protected the southern ocean flank of Japan from potential naval landings.


The airport is served today by daily flights to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport through All Nippon Airways.  The airport has a medium sized runway at 6,560 ft. 

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACEZY1837Kevin CrouchLEALEGKKA31902.19-210.691 ft/m Pending
MACUSGAMT124Norman SwansonK9S2K4U6GA LIGHT AIR00.34-163 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGAMT124Gary BrooksK9S2K4U6GA LIGHT AIR00.24-79 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGAMT123Norman SwansonKJDNK9S2GA LIGHT AIR01.12-156 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGAMT123Gary BrooksKJDNK9S2GA LIGHT AIR00.3315 ft/m Accepted
MACAUSGA122Jim SimsYWHAYCDUBEECH 35000.54-92 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGAMT122Gary BrooksKRPXKJDNGA LIGHT AIR00.25-15 ft/m Accepted
CRGFDXTR27Steve KightlingerEGLLLMML747-400 FREI02.37-147.638 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGAMT122Norman SwansonKRPXKJDNGA LIGHT AIR00.4315 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGAMT121Gary BrooksK1S3KRPXGA LIGHT AIR00.2835 ft/m Accepted

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Kevin has chosen flight CRGMGP103 departing from WADD arriving at VIDP,and will be flying a B747-400 FRE (DLH-B744F)

Iain has chosen flight MACEZY383 departing from EDLW arriving at EGGW,and will be flying a A319 (EZY-A319)

Iain has chosen flight MACGWI208 departing from LTFJ arriving at EDLW,and will be flying a A319 (GWI-A319)

Iain has chosen flight MACFDB135 departing from OMDB arriving at LTFJ,and will be flying a 737-800 (FDB-B738)

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MAC0073 Kevin Crouch has filed a PIREP from LEAL to EGKK View Flight Report

MAC0257 Norman Swanson has filed a PIREP from K9S2 to K4U6 View Flight Report

MAC0632 Gary Brooks has filed a PIREP from K9S2 to K4U6 View Flight Report

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