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Posted by Pat Leclerc on 13/06/2019

June DoTM

Airport- BGBW
Narsarsuaq Airport
Division: Open
OK guys, Ken is really busy with work and didn't have a chance to get the DoTM posted for June so I'll cover for him.
Because of the late posting for this month's destination, you will have until July 15th to submit your PIREP 
This month we're going to Greenland.
"Narsarsuaq is a settlement in the Kujalleq municipality in southern Greenland. Along with Kangerlussuaq Airport, it is one of two airports in Greenland capable of serving large airliners. It is also the only international airport in southern Greenland. The settlement it serves is small, with the airport primarily functioning as a transfer point for passengers heading for the helicopter hubs of Air Greenland in Qaqortoq and Nanortalik." (Wikipedia)

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACKATW-34John BurnettKSTLKJFK737-80002.42.43-131.49 ft/m Pending
HSTF50-166Jim CruseESSAEFTPDASH 8-40001.21.11-56.9 ft/m Accepted
MACDH8TOR3Richard BakerVIDPVNKTDASH 8-40001.50.06-108.42 ft/m Accepted
MACALSKTOR-10George FencikPAEHPAMYPIPER PA-24-01.07.21-79.2 ft/m Accepted
CHR10127Jerry HaymanKSFOKIAD747-40005.06.50-643.61 ft/m Accepted
MACF1-100Oscar OrtegaEGNXVIDP747-400 FREI07.36.58-222.99 ft/m Accepted
MACDH8TOR2Richard BakerOPKCVIDPDASH 8-40002.51.25197.62 ft/m Accepted
PRO400008Jim CruseKFLGKPHXC17201.30.27-55.36 ft/m Accepted
MACDSA-109Garo SoghomonianEGPEBGBW737-70002.57.24-55.36 ft/m Accepted
MACALSKTOR-09George FencikPFWSPAEHPIPER PA-24-01.14.28-21.53 ft/m Accepted

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Garo SoghomonianUnited States
John BurnettUnited States
Steve KightlingerUnited States
George KingUnited States
Sandra RobertsonUnited States

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Oscar has chosen flight MACUSA-129 departing from KLIT arriving at KBFM,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Oscar has chosen flight MACUSA-128 departing from KSGF arriving at KLIT,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Oscar has chosen flight MACUSA-127 departing from KCID arriving at KSGF,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Oscar has chosen flight MACUSA-126 departing from KBJI arriving at KCID,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

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MAC0362 John Burnett has filed a PIREP from KSTL to KJFK View Flight Report

PRO0304 Jim Cruse has filed a PIREP from ESSA to EFTP View Flight Report

MAC0183 Richard Baker has filed a PIREP from VIDP to VNKT View Flight Report

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