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Millennium Aviation Company's Fleet Tracker For AUSTRIAN AIRLINES V-700 (AUA-V700)

Aircraft General Info

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ICAO: V700
Registration: AUA-V700
Range: 1157
Weight: 37918
Cruise: 290
Passengers: 63
Cargo: 8300

Aircraft Stats

Total Miles: 1341
Total Hours: 6
Total Flights: 3
Total Cargo Carried: 175

Current Aircraft Location

Latest 15 Flights List

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Date Landing Rate View
HST192009 EDDF LOWW 1 25/08/2017 -79 View
HST192018 LOWW EGLC 3 12/08/2017 -382 View
HST192008 LOWW EDDF 2 30/07/2017 -275 View

Latest 15 Flights Map

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Available Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Distance View
HST192008 LOWW EDDF 1.55 335.317 View Flight Schedule
HST192009 EDDF LOWW 1.55 335.317 View Flight Schedule
HST192010 LOWW EDDS 1.35 295.171 View Flight Schedule
HST192011 EDDS LFPG 1.4 264.515 View Flight Schedule
HST192012 LFPG EDDS 1.35 264.515 View Flight Schedule
HST192013 EDDS LOWW 1.25 295.171 View Flight Schedule
HST192014 LOWW LIRU 2.4 408.418 View Flight Schedule
HST192015 LIRU LOWW 2.4 408.418 View Flight Schedule
HST192016 LOWW LSZH 1.45 326.076 View Flight Schedule
HST192017 LSZH LOWW 1.4 326.076 View Flight Schedule
HST192018 LOWW EGLC 3.25 670.623 View Flight Schedule
HST192019 EGLC LOWW 3.05 670.623 View Flight Schedule
HST192020 LOWW EPWA 2 296.729 View Flight Schedule
HST192021 EPWA LOWW 2 296.729 View Flight Schedule
HST192064 LOWW LOWI 1.15 217.495 View Flight Schedule
HST192065 LOWI LOWW 1.1 217.495 View Flight Schedule

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