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Tour Details

Air Madagascar DC-4 Tour

Status: Active
Description: Dust off your old iron and head to East Africa for this tour. You will fly all across Madagascar in this tour and see the beautiful country. Looks like there may be some challenging landings involved at some of these destinations. Have Fun!
Division: Historical Division
Air Madagascar DC-4 Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Ambanja Airport (FMNJ)Ambatondrazaka Airport (FMMZ)HSTDCT-100DOUGLAS DC-6249 nm
2Ambatondrazaka Airport (FMMZ)Ivato Airport (FMMI)HSTDCT-101DOUGLAS DC-682 nm
3Ivato Airport (FMMI)Ambilobe Airport (FMNE)HSTDCT-102DOUGLAS DC-6348 nm
4Ambilobe Airport (FMNE)Ouani Airport (FMCV)HSTDCT-103DOUGLAS DC-6275 nm
5Ouani Airport (FMCV)Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport (FMCH)HSTDCT-104DOUGLAS DC-677 nm
6Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport (FMCH)Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport (FMCZ)HSTDCT-105DOUGLAS DC-6141 nm
7Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport (FMCZ)Arrachart Airport (FMNA)HSTDCT-106DOUGLAS DC-6237 nm
8Arrachart Airport (FMNA)Vohimarina Airport (FMNV)HSTDCT-107DOUGLAS DC-674 nm
9Vohimarina Airport (FMNV)Antsirabato Airport (FMNH)HSTDCT-108DOUGLAS DC-699 nm
10Antsirabato Airport (FMNH)Toamasina Airport (FMMT)HSTDCT-109DOUGLAS DC-6194 nm
11Toamasina Airport (FMMT)Manakara Airport (FMSK)HSTDCT-110DOUGLAS DC-6253 nm
12Manakara Airport (FMSK)Toliara Airport (FMST)HSTDCT-111DOUGLAS DC-6250 nm
13Toliara Airport (FMST)Fianarantsoa Airport (FMSF)HSTDCT-112DOUGLAS DC-6221 nm
14Fianarantsoa Airport (FMSF)Morondava Airport (FMMV)HSTDCT-113DOUGLAS DC-6172 nm
15Morondava Airport (FMMV)Fascene Airport (FMNN)HSTDCT-114DOUGLAS DC-6478 nm
16Fascene Airport (FMNN)Besalampy Airport (FMNQ)HSTDCT-115DOUGLAS DC-6303 nm
17Besalampy Airport (FMNQ)Farafangana Airport (FMSG)HSTDCT-116DOUGLAS DC-6410 nm
18Farafangana Airport (FMSG)Roland Garros Airport (FMEE)HSTDCT-117DOUGLAS DC-6444 nm
19Roland Garros Airport (FMEE)Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (FIMP)HSTDCT-118DOUGLAS DC-6125 nm
20Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (FIMP)Ivato Airport (FMMI)HSTDCT-119DOUGLAS DC-6586 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 5020 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: FMNJLeg: 1 To: FMMZLeg: 2 To: FMMILeg: 3 To: FMNELeg: 4 To: FMCVLeg: 5 To: FMCHLeg: 6 To: FMCZLeg: 7 To: FMNALeg: 8 To: FMNVLeg: 9 To: FMNHLeg: 10 To: FMMTLeg: 11 To: FMSKLeg: 12 To: FMSTLeg: 13 To: FMSFLeg: 14 To: FMMVLeg: 15 To: FMNNLeg: 16 To: FMNQLeg: 17 To: FMSGLeg: 18 To: FMEELeg: 19 To: FIMPLeg: 20 To: FMMIComplete
1Greg Joyner - MAC0114**                   
2Joseph Andujar - MAC0160*                    
3Pat Leclerc - MAC0011********************Tour Completed
4Garo Soghomonian - MAC0463********************Tour Completed

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