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Tour Details

Captain's MD-11F/DC10F Global Tour

Status: Active
Description: Make your way to distant locales in the MD11 Freighter! Places you may not have visited before and some you may have, but haven't been back to in a long time. Most of these are long haul flights so pack a lunch and rest up! Enjoy!
Division: Open Division
Captain's MD-11F/DC10F Global Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Miami International Airport (KMIA)Mariscal Sucre International Airport (SEQU)MAC62780MD-11 FREIGH1562 nm
2Mariscal Sucre International Airport (SEQU)El Dorado International Airport (SKBO)MAC120066MD-11 FREIGH391 nm
3El Dorado International Airport (SKBO)Rafael Hernandez Airport (TJBQ)MAC120092MD-11 FREIGH926 nm
4Rafael Hernandez Airport (TJBQ)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)MAC120069MD-11 FREIGH3874 nm
5Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)Tenerife South Airport (GCTS)MAC120112MD-11 FREIGH1743 nm
6Tenerife South Airport (GCTS)Viracopos International Airport (SBKP)MAC120108MD-11 FREIGH3543 nm
7Viracopos International Airport (SBKP)Carrasco International /General C L Berisso Airport (SUMU)MAC80443MD-11 FREIGH850 nm
8Carrasco International /General C L Berisso Airport (SUMU)Ministro Pistarini International Airport (SAEZ)MAC80449MD-11 FREIGH124 nm
9Ministro Pistarini International Airport (SAEZ)Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCEL)MAC89337MD-11615 nm
10Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCEL)Miami International Airport (KMIA)MAC111889MD-11 FREIGH3599 nm
11Miami International Airport (KMIA)Memphis International Airport (KMEM)MAC89074MD-11749 nm
12Memphis International Airport (KMEM)Narita International Airport (RJAA)MAC89078MD-115713 nm
13Narita International Airport (RJAA)Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC)MAC89111MD-112981 nm
14Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC)Memphis International Airport (KMEM)MAC89196MD-112737 nm
15Memphis International Airport (KMEM)Miami International Airport (KMIA)MAC89077MD-11749 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 30156 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: KMIALeg: 1 To: SEQULeg: 2 To: SKBOLeg: 3 To: TJBQLeg: 4 To: EHAMLeg: 5 To: GCTSLeg: 6 To: SBKPLeg: 7 To: SUMULeg: 8 To: SAEZLeg: 9 To: SCELLeg: 10 To: KMIALeg: 11 To: KMEMLeg: 12 To: RJAALeg: 13 To: PANCLeg: 14 To: KMEMLeg: 15 To: KMIAComplete
1Jerry Hayman - MAC0012***********     
2Pat Leclerc - MAC0011                
3Abrar Ahmed - MAC0010                
4Oscar Ortega - MAC0023***************Tour Completed
5Scott Johnson - MAC0109***************Tour Completed
6Curtis Adams - MAC0021                
7Kevin Crouch - MAC0073***************Tour Completed
8Michael Pessalano - MAC0056***************Tour Completed
9Daniel Wall - MAC0147***************Tour Completed
10Sylvain Mateo - MAC0065***************Tour Completed
11Peter Goodman - MAC0110**              
12Tony Lettorale - MAC0315***************Tour Completed

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