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Tour Details

Caribbean Tour Part 1

Status: Active
Description: Mix business with pleasure as you fly a 737 along with your favourite G.A. to complete the Caribbean Tour (All islands groups are visited with the exception of those absent in either X-Plane or FSX/P3D)
Division: Open Division
Caribbean Tour Part 1

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Miami International Airport (KMIA)South Bimini Airport (MYBS)MACCRB-100GA LIGHT AIR57 nm
2South Bimini Airport (MYBS)Grand Bahama International Airport (MYGF)MACCRB-101GA LIGHT AIR60 nm
3Grand Bahama International Airport (MYGF)Abaco I Walker C Airport (MYAW)MACCRB-102GA LIGHT AIR46 nm
4Abaco I Walker C Airport (MYAW)Marsh Harbour International Airport (MYAM)MACCRB-103GA LIGHT AIR83 nm
5Marsh Harbour International Airport (MYAM)Great Harbour Cay Airport (MYBG)MACCRB-104GA LIGHT AIR66 nm
6Great Harbour Cay Airport (MYBG)Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN)MACCRB-105GA LIGHT AIR49 nm
7Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN)Providenciales Airport (MBPV)MACCRB-106737-800347 nm
8Providenciales Airport (MBPV)Salt Cay Airport (MBSY)MACCRB-107GA LIGHT AIR71 nm
9Salt Cay Airport (MBSY)Pine Cay Airport (MBPI)MACCRB-108GA LIGHT AIR60 nm
10Pine Cay Airport (MBPI)Providenciales Airport (MBPV)MACCRB-109GA LIGHT AIR11 nm
11Providenciales Airport (MBPV)Las Américas International Airport (MDSD)MACCRB-110737-800247 nm
12Las Américas International Airport (MDSD)Punta Cana International Airport (MDPC)MACCRB-111GA LIGHT AIR73 nm
13Punta Cana International Airport (MDPC)Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (TJIG)MACCRB-112GA LIGHT AIR130 nm
14Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (TJIG)Henry E Rohlsen Airport (TISX)MACCRB-113GA LIGHT AIR87 nm
15Henry E Rohlsen Airport (TISX)Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (TUPJ)MACCRB-114GA LIGHT AIR47 nm
16Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (TUPJ)Wallblake Airport (TQPF)MACCRB-115GA LIGHT AIR86 nm
17Wallblake Airport (TQPF)Codrington Airport (TAPH)MACCRB-116GA LIGHT AIR77 nm
18Codrington Airport (TAPH)V.C. Bird International Airport (TAPA)MACCRB-117GA LIGHT AIR30 nm
19V.C. Bird International Airport (TAPA)Vance W. Amory International Airport (TKPN)MACCRB-118GA LIGHT AIR54 nm
20Vance W. Amory International Airport (TKPN)F. D. Roosevelt Airport (TNCE)MACCRB-119GA LIGHT AIR34 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1715 nm

Pilot's Progress

Click * To View PIREP
START: KMIALeg: 1 To: MYBSLeg: 2 To: MYGFLeg: 3 To: MYAWLeg: 4 To: MYAMLeg: 5 To: MYBGLeg: 6 To: MYNNLeg: 7 To: MBPVLeg: 8 To: MBSYLeg: 9 To: MBPILeg: 10 To: MBPVLeg: 11 To: MDSDLeg: 12 To: MDPCLeg: 13 To: TJIGLeg: 14 To: TISXLeg: 15 To: TUPJLeg: 16 To: TQPFLeg: 17 To: TAPHLeg: 18 To: TAPALeg: 19 To: TKPNLeg: 20 To: TNCEComplete
1Daniel Wall - MAC0147********************Tour Completed
2Greg Joyner - MAC0114********************Tour Completed
3Peter Goodman - MAC0110********************Tour Completed
4Max Dahmer - MAC0098***********          
5Oscar Ortega - MAC0023                     
6Joseph Andujar - MAC0160********************Tour Completed
7George Fencik - MAC0140********************Tour Completed
8Adam Poincon - MAC0104**                   
9Aaron Britt - MAC0052********************Tour Completed
10Edwin Rovers - MAC0046********************Tour Completed
11Chandler Street - MAC0191***********          
12Nick Falcione - MAC0193******               
13Andres Cuenca - MAC0015************         
14Scott Johnson - MAC0109                     
15Richard Baker - MAC0183********************Tour Completed
16Steve Kightlinger - MAC0124********************Tour Completed
17Norman Swanson - MAC0257********************Tour Completed
18Ron Gregory - MAC0254********************Tour Completed
19Michael Mooney - MAC0261***************      
20Andrew Jaschke - MAC0270***************      
21Tom Lorenz - MAC0259***************      
22Ryan Moder - MAC0314********************Tour Completed
23Joe Bauco - MAC0344****                 
24Beau Rice - MAC0312********************Tour Completed
25Tyler Sefferino - MAC0243********************Tour Completed
26Joseph Ellois - MAC0365                     

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