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Tour Details

Great Lakes Tour (Part 3)

Status: Active
Description: This 3 parts Tour will take you all around the Great Lakes area visiting small local airfields in the United States and Canada, flying the B1900 and the E120. All LEGS are short so you will be able to get a few of them done in one sitting if you choose to do so. If you turn your ships traffic up, you should see a lot of ships, big and small. Make sure to taste the local cuisine along the way and take tons of pictures. The Tour is a reverse loop from the same Tour over at Mirage Executive Charter, so if you're flying for both VA it should look different.
Division: Open Division
Great Lakes Tour (Part 3)

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Wawa Airport (CYXZ)TERRACE BAY (CYTJ)MACGLTOR-137EMB-120105 nm
2TERRACE BAY (CYTJ)Thunder Bay International Airport (CYQT)MACGLTOR-138EMB-12092 nm
3Thunder Bay International Airport (CYQT)Silver Bay Municipal Airport (KBFW)MACGLTOR-139EMB-120108 nm
4Silver Bay Municipal Airport (KBFW)Carlson Airport (9WI9)MACGLTOR-140BEECH 1900D47 nm
5Carlson Airport (9WI9)Saxon Airport (6WI4)MACGLTOR-141BEECH 1900D68 nm
6Saxon Airport (6WI4)Houghton County Memorial Airport (KCMX)MACGLTOR-142EMB-12089 nm
7Houghton County Memorial Airport (KCMX)Southfork Airport (1MI9)MACGLTOR-143BEECH 1900D63 nm
8Southfork Airport (1MI9)Grand Marais Airport (Y98)MACGLTOR-144BEECH 1900D60 nm
9Grand Marais Airport (Y98)Sault Ste Marie Municipal Sanderson Field (KANJ)MACGLTOR-145BEECH 1900D65 nm
10Sault Ste Marie Municipal Sanderson Field (KANJ)Drummond Island Airport (KDRM)MACGLTOR-146BEECH 1900D38 nm
11Drummond Island Airport (KDRM)ST IGNACE (83D)MACGLTOR-147BEECH 1900D42 nm
12ST IGNACE (83D)W Gladstone Airport (43MI)MACGLTOR-148EMB-120100 nm
13W Gladstone Airport (43MI)JOHN ANTONNEAU MEMORIAL (8W1)MACGLTOR-149BEECH 1900D87 nm
14JOHN ANTONNEAU MEMORIAL (8W1)Foscoro Airport (99WI)MACGLTOR-150BEECH 1900D30 nm
15Foscoro Airport (99WI)Van Der Vaart Airport (WN03)MACGLTOR-151BEECH 1900D62 nm
16Van Der Vaart Airport (WN03)Herbert C. Maas Airport (IL02)MACGLTOR-152BEECH 1900D73 nm
17Herbert C. Maas Airport (IL02)Johnsons Strawberry Farm Airport (9IN3)MACGLTOR-153BEECH 1900D63 nm
18Johnsons Strawberry Farm Airport (9IN3)Benedick Airport (4MI6)MACGLTOR-154BEECH 1900D33 nm
19Benedick Airport (4MI6)Tulip City Airport (KBIV)MACGLTOR-155BEECH 1900D58 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1282 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: CYXZLeg: 1 To: CYTJLeg: 2 To: CYQTLeg: 3 To: KBFWLeg: 4 To: 9WI9Leg: 5 To: 6WI4Leg: 6 To: KCMXLeg: 7 To: 1MI9Leg: 8 To: Y98Leg: 9 To: KANJLeg: 10 To: KDRMLeg: 11 To: 83DLeg: 12 To: 43MILeg: 13 To: 8W1Leg: 14 To: 99WILeg: 15 To: WN03Leg: 16 To: IL02Leg: 17 To: 9IN3Leg: 18 To: 4MI6Leg: 19 To: KBIVComplete
1Tony Lettorale - MAC0315******              

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