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Tour Details

United Kingdom GA Tour Part 1

Status: Active
Description: Take your favorite GA aircraft on a VFR tour around the United Kingdom! NOTE: Some of the airports in this tour will require installing an addon as they may not exist in FSX by default. The avsim library is a good place to look.
Division: Open Division
United Kingdom GA Tour Part 1

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Land's End Airport (EGHC)Newquay Cornwall Airport (EGHQ)MACUK-GA1GA LIGHT AIR33 nm
2Newquay Cornwall Airport (EGHQ)Bristol Airport (EGGD)MACUK-GA2GA LIGHT AIR103 nm
3Bristol Airport (EGGD)Swansea Airport (EGFH)MACUK-GA3GA LIGHT AIR52 nm
4Swansea Airport (EGFH)Aberporth Airport (EGFA)MACUK-GA4GA LIGHT AIR36 nm
5Aberporth Airport (EGFA)Caernarfon Airport (EGCK)MACUK-GA5GA LIGHT AIR60 nm
6Caernarfon Airport (EGCK)Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP)MACUK-GA6GA LIGHT AIR55 nm
7Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP)Blackpool International Airport (EGNH)MACUK-GA7GA LIGHT AIR27 nm
8Blackpool International Airport (EGNH)Barrow Walney Island Airport (EGNL)MACUK-GA8GA LIGHT AIR23 nm
9Barrow Walney Island Airport (EGNL)Glasgow Prestwick Airport (EGPK)MACUK-GA9GA LIGHT AIR95 nm
10Glasgow Prestwick Airport (EGPK)Glasgow International Airport (EGPF)MACUK-GA10GA LIGHT AIR22 nm
11Glasgow International Airport (EGPF)Islay Airport (EGPI)MACUK-GA11GA LIGHT AIR63 nm
12Islay Airport (EGPI)Stornoway Airport (EGPO)MACUK-GA12GA LIGHT AIR152 nm
13Stornoway Airport (EGPO)Wick Airport (EGPC)MACUK-GA15GA LIGHT AIR103 nm
14Wick Airport (EGPC)Kirkwall Airport (EGPA)MACUK-GA16GA LIGHT AIR31 nm
15Kirkwall Airport (EGPA)Sumburgh Airport (EGPB)MACUK-GA17GA LIGHT AIR74 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 929 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: EGHCLeg: 1 To: EGHQLeg: 2 To: EGGDLeg: 3 To: EGFHLeg: 4 To: EGFALeg: 5 To: EGCKLeg: 6 To: EGGPLeg: 7 To: EGNHLeg: 8 To: EGNLLeg: 9 To: EGPKLeg: 10 To: EGPFLeg: 11 To: EGPILeg: 12 To: EGPOLeg: 13 To: EGPCLeg: 14 To: EGPALeg: 15 To: EGPBComplete
1Alistair Brown - MAC0111***************Tour Completed
2Greg Joyner - MAC0114***************Tour Completed
3Daniel Wall - MAC0147***************Tour Completed
4Scott Johnson - MAC0109***************Tour Completed
5Steve Kightlinger - MAC0124***************Tour Completed
6Peter Goodman - MAC0110***************Tour Completed
7Tim Clarke - MAC0144***************Tour Completed
8Bill Podolak - MAC0017                
9Nick Falcione - MAC0193***************Tour Completed
10George Fencik - MAC0140***************Tour Completed
11Ron Gregory - MAC0254***************Tour Completed
12Steve Horn - MAC0278*******         
13John Exel - MAC0125*********** *** 
14Don Fraser - MAC0224***************Tour Completed
15Norman Swanson - MAC0257***************Tour Completed
16Eric Grindstaff - MAC0002                
17Richard Baker - MAC0183***************Tour Completed
18Jack Campbell - MAC0279**              
19Justin Craig - MAC0366*               
20Aristotelis Kretsis - MAC0287*******         
21Beau Rice - MAC0312***             
22Waldo Petri - MAC0103**              

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