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Tour Details

European Union Airbus Tour Part 2

Status: Active
Description: Take an Aer Lingus A319 (or permitted substitute) on a tour of all the countries in the European Union. Start at Cork in the south of Ireland and travel as far east as Cyprus. Your last flight returns you to Cork having travelled over 9,000 miles.
Division: Open Division
European Union Airbus Tour Part 2

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Malta International Airport (LMML)Brindisi – Salento Airport (LIBR)MACEUN-175A319331 nm
2Brindisi – Salento Airport (LIBR)Osijek Airport (LDOS)MACEUN-176A319291 nm
3Osijek Airport (LDOS)Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport (LJLJ)MACEUN-177A319188 nm
4Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport (LJLJ)Vienna International Airport (LOWW)MACEUN-178A319142 nm
5Vienna International Airport (LOWW)Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR)MACEUN-179A319150 nm
6Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR)Cologne Bonn Airport (EDDK)MACEUN-180A319275 nm
7Cologne Bonn Airport (EDDK)Alicante International Airport (LEAL)MACEUN-181A319823 nm
8Alicante International Airport (LEAL)Lisbon Portela Airport (LPPT)MACEUN-182A319403 nm
9Lisbon Portela Airport (LPPT)Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport (LFMN)MACEUN-183A319792 nm
10Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport (LFMN)Luxembourg-Findel International Airport (ELLX)MACEUN-184A319360 nm
11Luxembourg-Findel International Airport (ELLX)Ostend-Bruges International Airport (EBOS)MACEUN-185A319159 nm
12Ostend-Bruges International Airport (EBOS)Leeuwarden Air Base (EHLW)MACEUN-186A319161 nm
13Leeuwarden Air Base (EHLW)Cork Airport (EICK)MACEUN-187A319526 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 4601 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: LMMLLeg: 1 To: LIBRLeg: 2 To: LDOSLeg: 3 To: LJLJLeg: 4 To: LOWWLeg: 5 To: LKPRLeg: 6 To: EDDKLeg: 7 To: LEALLeg: 8 To: LPPTLeg: 9 To: LFMNLeg: 10 To: ELLXLeg: 11 To: EBOSLeg: 12 To: EHLWLeg: 13 To: EICKComplete
1Peter Goodman - MAC0110*************Tour Completed
2Larry Clyburn - MAC0380*************Tour Completed
3Steven Nagy - MAC0462*************Tour Completed

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