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Tour Details

WWII Operation

Status: Active
Description: It's 1946 and as part of operation "Resupply" it's your mission to carry vital munitions, bombs and personnel to various locations of the Pacific war theater. Any WWII plane that can make the flight is acceptable for this tour. This means you can fly fighters or bomber and any combination in between. Please make sure you look at the distance on the leg before selecting plane and starting the flight. This tour can now be completed solo. Good Luck!
Division: Historical Division
WWII Operation

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Point Mugu Naval Air Station (Naval Base Ventura Co) (KNTD)Wheeler Army Airfield (PHHI)HSTWWII-100B-292189 nm
2Wheeler Army Airfield (PHHI)Johnston Atoll Airport (PJON)HSTWWII-101B-29712 nm
3Johnston Atoll Airport (PJON)Bucholz Army Air Field (PKWA)HSTWWII-102B-291416 nm
4Bucholz Army Air Field (PKWA)Wake Island Airfield (PWAK)HSTWWII-103B-29638 nm
5Wake Island Airfield (PWAK)Andersen Air Force Base (PGUA)HSTWWII-104B-291296 nm
6Andersen Air Force Base (PGUA)Iwo Jima Airport (RJAW)HSTWWII-105B-29704 nm
7Iwo Jima Airport (RJAW)Kadena Air Base (RODN)HSTWWII-106B-29741 nm
8Kadena Air Base (RODN)Futenma Marine Corps Air Station (ROTM)HSTWWII-107B-295 nm
9Futenma Marine Corps Air Station (ROTM)Iwo Jima Airport (RJAW)HSTWWII-108B-29741 nm
10Iwo Jima Airport (RJAW)Andersen Air Force Base (PGUA)HSTWWII-109B-29704 nm
11Andersen Air Force Base (PGUA)Wake Island Airfield (PWAK)HSTWWII-110B-291296 nm
12Wake Island Airfield (PWAK)Bucholz Army Air Field (PKWA)HSTWWII-111B-29638 nm
13Bucholz Army Air Field (PKWA)Johnston Atoll Airport (PJON)HSTWWII-112B-291416 nm
14Johnston Atoll Airport (PJON)Wheeler Army Airfield (PHHI)HSTWWII-113B-29712 nm
15Wheeler Army Airfield (PHHI)Point Mugu Naval Air Station (Naval Base Ventura Co) (KNTD)HSTWWII-114B-292189 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 15395 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: KNTDLeg: 1 To: PHHILeg: 2 To: PJONLeg: 3 To: PKWALeg: 4 To: PWAKLeg: 5 To: PGUALeg: 6 To: RJAWLeg: 7 To: RODNLeg: 8 To: ROTMLeg: 9 To: RJAWLeg: 10 To: PGUALeg: 11 To: PWAKLeg: 12 To: PKWALeg: 13 To: PJONLeg: 14 To: PHHILeg: 15 To: KNTDComplete
1Greg Joyner - MAC0114                
2Joseph Andujar - MAC0160***************Tour Completed
3Sylvain Mateo - MAC0065                

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