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Tour Details

New Zealand Tour

Status: Active
Description: A short tour of New Zealand. You'll mainly fly your favourite GA into some tricky fields. The legs are not long but success is in the planning. 13 Legs covering over 1800 miles.
Division: Open Division
New Zealand Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Kaitaia Airport (NZKT)MACKWI-100GA LIGHT AIR138 nm
2Kaitaia Airport (NZKT)Great Barrier Aerodrome (NZGB)MACKWI-101GA LIGHT AIR128 nm
3Great Barrier Aerodrome (NZGB)Gisborne Airport (NZGS)MACKWI-102GA LIGHT AIR188 nm
4Gisborne Airport (NZGS)Hawke's Bay Airport (NZNR)MACKWI-103GA LIGHT AIR71 nm
5Hawke's Bay Airport (NZNR)Wanganui Airport (NZWU)MACKWI-104GA LIGHT AIR90 nm
6Wanganui Airport (NZWU)Wellington International Airport (NZWN)MACKWI-105GA LIGHT AIR83 nm
7Wellington International Airport (NZWN)Christchurch International Airport (NZCH)MACKWI-106A320165 nm
8Christchurch International Airport (NZCH)Hokitika Airfield (NZHK)MACKWI-107GA LIGHT AIR82 nm
9Hokitika Airfield (NZHK)Timaru Airport (NZTU)MACKWI-108GA LIGHT AIR96 nm
10Timaru Airport (NZTU)Dunedin Airport (NZDN)MACKWI-109GA LIGHT AIR107 nm
11Dunedin Airport (NZDN)Invercargill Airport (NZNV)MACKWI-110GA LIGHT AIR84 nm
12Invercargill Airport (NZNV)Queenstown International Airport (NZQN)MACKWI-111GA LIGHT AIR86 nm
13Queenstown International Airport (NZQN)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)MACKWI-112737-300554 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1871 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: NZAALeg: 1 To: NZKTLeg: 2 To: NZGBLeg: 3 To: NZGSLeg: 4 To: NZNRLeg: 5 To: NZWULeg: 6 To: NZWNLeg: 7 To: NZCHLeg: 8 To: NZHKLeg: 9 To: NZTULeg: 10 To: NZDNLeg: 11 To: NZNVLeg: 12 To: NZQNLeg: 13 To: NZAAComplete
1Greg Joyner - MAC0114*************Tour Completed
2George Fencik - MAC0140              
3Jim Cruse - MAC0304*************Tour Completed
4Peter Goodman - MAC0110*************Tour Completed
5Aristotelis Kretsis - MAC0287              
6Richard Baker - MAC0183*************Tour Completed
7David Wiley - MAC0457              
8Norman Swanson - MAC0257*************Tour Completed
9Gary Brooks - MAC0446*************Tour Completed

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