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Tour Details

Piper Cub Tour Norway

Status: Active
Description: Back to basics with stick and rudder. Starting in the northern region of Finmark in Norway, travelling down through Troms and ending a 17 leg tour at Rossovoll airport in Nordland, Norway. Fly high over the mountains or go low and slow?
Division: Open Division
Piper Cub Tour Norway

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Kirkenes Airport (Høybuktmoen) (ENKR)Berlevåg Airport (ENBV)MACCUB-100J3 CUB71 nm
2Berlevåg Airport (ENBV)Vardø Airport, Svartnes (ENSS)MACCUB-101J3 CUB51 nm
3Vardø Airport, Svartnes (ENSS)Vadsø Airport (ENVD)MACCUB-102J3 CUB30 nm
4Vadsø Airport (ENVD)Båtsfjord Airport (ENBS)MACCUB-103J3 CUB32 nm
5Båtsfjord Airport (ENBS)Mehamn Airport (ENMH)MACCUB-104J3 CUB45 nm
6Mehamn Airport (ENMH)Banak Airport (ENNA)MACCUB-105J3 CUB81 nm
7Banak Airport (ENNA)Valan Airport (ENHV)MACCUB-106J3 CUB60 nm
8Valan Airport (ENHV)Hammerfest Airport (ENHF)MACCUB-107J3 CUB50 nm
9Hammerfest Airport (ENHF)Alta Airport (ENAT)MACCUB-108J3 CUB43 nm
10Alta Airport (ENAT)Hasvik Airport (ENHK)MACCUB-109J3 CUB40 nm
11Hasvik Airport (ENHK)Sørkjosen Airport (ENSR)MACCUB-110J3 CUB48 nm
12Sørkjosen Airport (ENSR)Tromsø Airport (ENTC)MACCUB-111J3 CUB43 nm
13Tromsø Airport (ENTC)Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes (ENEV)MACCUB-112J3 CUB86 nm
14Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes (ENEV)Stokmarknes Skagen Airport (ENSK)MACCUB-113J3 CUB37 nm
15Stokmarknes Skagen Airport (ENSK)Leknes Airport (ENLK)MACCUB-114J3 CUB41 nm
16Leknes Airport (ENLK)Narvik Framnes Airport (ENNK)MACCUB-115J3 CUB86 nm
17Narvik Framnes Airport (ENNK)Svolvær Helle Airport (ENSH)MACCUB-116J3 CUB60 nm
18Svolvær Helle Airport (ENSH)Bodø Airport (ENBO)MACCUB-117J3 CUB44 nm
19Bodø Airport (ENBO)Rognan Airport (ENRG)MACCUB-118J3 CUB26 nm
20Rognan Airport (ENRG)Mo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll (ENRA)MACCUB-119J3 CUB51 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1026 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: ENKRLeg: 1 To: ENBVLeg: 2 To: ENSSLeg: 3 To: ENVDLeg: 4 To: ENBSLeg: 5 To: ENMHLeg: 6 To: ENNALeg: 7 To: ENHVLeg: 8 To: ENHFLeg: 9 To: ENATLeg: 10 To: ENHKLeg: 11 To: ENSRLeg: 12 To: ENTCLeg: 13 To: ENEVLeg: 14 To: ENSKLeg: 15 To: ENLKLeg: 16 To: ENNKLeg: 17 To: ENSHLeg: 18 To: ENBOLeg: 19 To: ENRGLeg: 20 To: ENRAComplete
1Bill Podolak - MAC0017********************Tour Completed
2Greg Joyner - MAC0114*                    
3Jim Cruse - MAC0304********************Tour Completed

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