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Tour Details

Nepal G.A. Tour

Status: Active
Description: A 20 leg tour in Nepal covering just over 1,100 miles. Most of the legs are below 80 miles in length, the longest being 108. However, there are some very tricky landings. The last 4 legs involve ferrying passengers to Lukla (VNLK) from surrounding airports. This tour is open to G.A. light aircraft in order to give all the opportunity of conquering Lukla. X PLANE USERS PLEASE READ THIS THREAD -
Division: Open Division
Nepal G.A. Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Lukla Airport (VNLK)Tribhuvan International Airport (VNKT)MACNEP-120GA LIGHT AIR73 nm
2Tribhuvan International Airport (VNKT)Jomsom Airport (VNJS)MACNEP-121GA LIGHT AIR108 nm
3Jomsom Airport (VNJS)Pokhara Airport (VNPK)MACNEP-122GA LIGHT AIR37 nm
4Pokhara Airport (VNPK)Dolpa Airport (VNDP)MACNEP-123GA LIGHT AIR77 nm
5Dolpa Airport (VNDP)Simikot Airport (VNST)MACNEP-124GA LIGHT AIR79 nm
6Simikot Airport (VNST)Bajhang Airport (VNBG)MACNEP-125GA LIGHT AIR42 nm
7Bajhang Airport (VNBG)Dhangarhi Airport (VNDH)MACNEP-126GA LIGHT AIR57 nm
8Dhangarhi Airport (VNDH)Bajura Airport (VNBR)MACNEP-127GA LIGHT AIR73 nm
9Bajura Airport (VNBR)Surkhet Airport (VNSK)MACNEP-128GA LIGHT AIR55 nm
10Surkhet Airport (VNSK)Tulsipur Airport (VNDG)MACNEP-129GA LIGHT AIR45 nm
11Tulsipur Airport (VNDG)Chaurjhari Airport (VNCJ)MACNEP-130GA LIGHT AIR32 nm
12Chaurjhari Airport (VNCJ)Gautam Buddha Airport (VNBW)MACNEP-131GA LIGHT AIR94 nm
13Gautam Buddha Airport (VNBW)Simara Airport (VNSI)MACNEP-132GA LIGHT AIR86 nm
14Simara Airport (VNSI)Janakpur Airport (VNJP)MACNEP-133GA LIGHT AIR57 nm
15Janakpur Airport (VNJP)Tumling Tar Airport (VNTR)MACNEP-134GA LIGHT AIR77 nm
16Tumling Tar Airport (VNTR)Lukla Airport (VNLK)MACNEP-135GA LIGHT AIR33 nm
17Lukla Airport (VNLK)Bhojpur Airport (VNBJ)MACNEP-136GA LIGHT AIR37 nm
18Bhojpur Airport (VNBJ)Lukla Airport (VNLK)MACNEP-137GA LIGHT AIR37 nm
19Lukla Airport (VNLK)Lamidanda Airport (VNLD)MACNEP-138GA LIGHT AIR26 nm
20Lamidanda Airport (VNLD)Lukla Airport (VNLK)MACNEP-139GA LIGHT AIR26 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1152 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: VNLKLeg: 1 To: VNKTLeg: 2 To: VNJSLeg: 3 To: VNPKLeg: 4 To: VNDPLeg: 5 To: VNSTLeg: 6 To: VNBGLeg: 7 To: VNDHLeg: 8 To: VNBRLeg: 9 To: VNSKLeg: 10 To: VNDGLeg: 11 To: VNCJLeg: 12 To: VNBWLeg: 13 To: VNSILeg: 14 To: VNJPLeg: 15 To: VNTRLeg: 16 To: VNLKLeg: 17 To: VNBJLeg: 18 To: VNLKLeg: 19 To: VNLDLeg: 20 To: VNLKComplete
1Greg Joyner - MAC0114********************Tour Completed
2George Fencik - MAC0140                     
3Aristotelis Kretsis - MAC0287***                  
4Joseph Andujar - MAC0160*****                
5David Wiley - MAC0457                     

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