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Alaska Prop Tour Pt. 2

Status: Active
Description: Break out your bush planes! It time to make your way round Alaska with a total of over 9,000nm direct! You will start at Anchorage which is Alaska’s biggest city, you will then head out of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and make your way all the way round the coast! You will then head inland, as you head west you follow the edge of several National Parks which you will fly back over to see them in their full glory! As you make you way to the east you will land just west of the border with Canada and it is here you will find the mighty Yukon River! You will follow the Yukon River all the way back to the where the river will eventually meets the coast! This is where you will fly back east and pass Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, which has the highest mountain peak in North America with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet! After that you will head into Fairbanks which is the 2nd biggest city in Alaska with a population of 32,469 people! This is where you will pass Juneau the capital of Alaska as you head south east before making your way back up the coast to land back at Anchorage! Choose your plane wisely. Only 12 have hard runways with the shortest being 1798 ft. The rest will be gravel or dirt! Good luck on your journey and enjoy! - Daniel Wall.
Division: Open Division
Alaska Prop Tour Pt. 2

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Wainwright Airport (PAWI)Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport (PABR)MACALSKTOR-21KODIAK QUEST74 nm
2Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport (PABR)Nuiqsut Airport (PAQT)MACALSKTOR-22KODIAK QUEST131 nm
3Nuiqsut Airport (PAQT)Barter Island LRRS Airport (PABA)MACALSKTOR-23KODIAK QUEST151 nm
4Barter Island LRRS Airport (PABA)Galbraith Lake Airport (PAGB)MACALSKTOR-24KODIAK QUEST160 nm
5Galbraith Lake Airport (PAGB)Ambler Airport (PAFM)MACALSKTOR-25KODIAK QUEST299 nm
6Ambler Airport (PAFM)Huslia Airport (PAHL)MACALSKTOR-26KODIAK QUEST132 nm
7Huslia Airport (PAHL)Kobuk Airport (PAOB)MACALSKTOR-27KODIAK QUEST74 nm
8Kobuk Airport (PAOB)Anaktuvuk Pass Airport (PAKP)MACALSKTOR-28KODIAK QUEST139 nm
9Anaktuvuk Pass Airport (PAKP)Chandalar Lake Airport (PALR)MACALSKTOR-29KODIAK QUEST83 nm
10Chandalar Lake Airport (PALR)Arctic Village Airport (PARC)MACALSKTOR-30KODIAK QUEST75 nm
11Arctic Village Airport (PARC)Circle City /New/ Airport (PACR)MACALSKTOR-31KODIAK QUEST227 nm
12Circle City /New/ Airport (PACR)Fort Yukon Airport (PFYU)MACALSKTOR-32KODIAK QUEST53 nm
13Fort Yukon Airport (PFYU)Five Mile Airport (PAFV)MACALSKTOR-33KODIAK QUEST117 nm
14Five Mile Airport (PAFV)Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport (PATA)MACALSKTOR-34KODIAK QUEST72 nm
15Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport (PATA)Ruby Airport (PARY)MACALSKTOR-35KODIAK QUEST90 nm
16Ruby Airport (PARY)Koyukuk Airport (PFKU)MACALSKTOR-36KODIAK QUEST58 nm
17Koyukuk Airport (PFKU)Kaltag Airport (PAKV)MACALSKTOR-37KODIAK QUEST43 nm
18Kaltag Airport (PAKV)Anvik Airport (PANV)MACALSKTOR-38KODIAK QUEST108 nm
19Anvik Airport (PANV)Russian Mission Airport (PARS)MACALSKTOR-39KODIAK QUEST30 nm
20Russian Mission Airport (PARS)Mountain Village Airport (PAMO)MACALSKTOR-40KODIAK QUEST69 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2185 nm

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