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Extreme Aussie Tour - Part 2

Status: Active
Description: This is part 2 of the "Lost Down Under" Extreme Aussie tour. You MUST see and follow the instructions located in the special forum thread located here: All support for this tour is to be posted in the dedicated support forum for this tour located in the same MacAir Tours forum. This tour contains 60 flights in 3 parts. ALL PARTS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER. We wish you good luck, safe flights and above all, have fun!
Division: Open Division
Extreme Aussie Tour - Part 2

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Shark Bay Airport (YSHK)Mount Magnet Airport (YMOG)MACAUSLDU21DASH 8-400265 nm
2Mount Magnet Airport (YMOG)Lawlers Airport (YLAW)MACAUSLDU22DASH 8-400141 nm
3Lawlers Airport (YLAW)Laverton Airport (YLTN)MACAUSLDU23DASH 8-400107 nm
4Laverton Airport (YLTN)Southern Cross Airport (YSCR)MACAUSLDU24DASH 8-400224 nm
5Southern Cross Airport (YSCR)Brooklands Airport (YBLD)MACAUSLDU25DASH 8-400136 nm
6Brooklands Airport (YBLD)Murray Field (YMUL)MACAUSLDU26DASH 8-40064 nm
7Murray Field (YMUL)Lake Dumbleyung Farm (YZLD)MACAUSLDU27DASH 8-400104 nm
8Lake Dumbleyung Farm (YZLD)Narrikup (YZNA)MACAUSLDU28DASH 8-40088 nm
9Narrikup (YZNA)Balladonia Airport (YBAL)MACAUSLDU29DASH 8-400328 nm
10Balladonia Airport (YBAL)Eucla Town (YECT)MACAUSLDU30DASH 8-400271 nm
11Eucla Town (YECT)Wirrida Siding Airport (YWSI)MACAUSLDU31DASH 8-400319 nm
12Wirrida Siding Airport (YWSI)Olympic Dam Airport (YOLD)MACAUSLDU32DASH 8-400135 nm
13Olympic Dam Airport (YOLD)Beverley Airport (YBEE)MACAUSLDU33DASH 8-400140 nm
14Beverley Airport (YBEE)Ivanhoe Airport (YIVO)MACAUSLDU34DASH 8-400292 nm
15Ivanhoe Airport (YIVO)Cobar Airport (YCBA)MACAUSLDU35DASH 8-400111 nm
16Cobar Airport (YCBA)Lake Cargelligo Airport (YLCG)MACAUSLDU36DASH 8-400109 nm
17Lake Cargelligo Airport (YLCG)Talbingo Airport (YTBG)MACAUSLDU37DASH 8-400168 nm
18Talbingo Airport (YTBG)Wombat Gully (YZWG)MACAUSLDU38DASH 8-40072 nm
19Wombat Gully (YZWG)Snowy Range (YZSR)MACAUSLDU39DASH 8-40058 nm
20Snowy Range (YZSR)Latrobe Valley Airport (YLTV)MACAUSLDU40DASH 8-40054 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 3183 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: YSHKLeg: 1 To: YMOGLeg: 2 To: YLAWLeg: 3 To: YLTNLeg: 4 To: YSCRLeg: 5 To: YBLDLeg: 6 To: YMULLeg: 7 To: YZLDLeg: 8 To: YZNALeg: 9 To: YBALLeg: 10 To: YECTLeg: 11 To: YWSILeg: 12 To: YOLDLeg: 13 To: YBEELeg: 14 To: YIVOLeg: 15 To: YCBALeg: 16 To: YLCGLeg: 17 To: YTBGLeg: 18 To: YZWGLeg: 19 To: YZSRLeg: 20 To: YLTVComplete
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