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Jacob Rittenhouse's Statistics

Name: Jacob Rittenhouse Hours: 23.10
Pilot ID: MAC0097 Flights: 17
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 4624 miles
Rank: Pilot In Training Last Flight: 151 Days ago
Hire Date: 07/07/2017 Last Flight Date: 09/23/2017

Jacob Rittenhouse (Hired 229 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (17)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC55130 KBOS KEWR DASH 8-400 (COA-DH8D) 01.16.11 23/09/2017 Accepted
MAC130806 KPDX KSEA DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 00.55.08 31/08/2017 Accepted
MAC130986 KGEG KPDX DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 01.05.39 31/08/2017 Accepted
MAC130823 KSEA KGEG DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 00.59.12 31/08/2017 Accepted
MAC180695 KIAD KEWR DASH 8-400 (UAL-DH8D) 01.09.20 29/08/2017 Accepted
MAC130815 KSEA KBIL DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 02.01.42 22/08/2017 Accepted
MAC130806 KPDX KSEA DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 00.49 12/08/2017 Accepted
MAC130961 KBZN KSEA DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 02.01 06/08/2017 Accepted
MAC180701 CYYZ KEWR DASH 8-400 (UAL-DH8D) 01.49 30/07/2017 Accepted
MAC130824 KGEG KSEA DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 01.01 30/07/2017 Accepted
MAC130794 KSEA KPSC DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 01.11 29/07/2017 Accepted
MAC15969 PHNL PHMU BEECH LIGHT (AIP-BEC) 00.58 23/07/2017 Accepted
MAC17222 KGEG KBFI BEECH LIGHT (BHS-BEC) 01.14 21/07/2017 Accepted
MAC72034 KBOS KJFK MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.14 18/07/2017 Accepted
MAC71847 KDEN KMSP MD-88 (DAL-MD88) 01.48 16/07/2017 Accepted
MAC71456 KATL KRSW MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.57 10/07/2017 Accepted
MAC71426 KATL KMSY MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.41 09/07/2017 Accepted