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Name: AJAY CHAUDHARI Hours: 77.41
Pilot ID: MAC0546 Flights: 18
Hub: KPHX Distance Flown: 31318 miles
Rank: Captain Last Flight: Yesterday
Hire Date: 05/18/2020 Last Flight Date: 06/05/2020

AJAY CHAUDHARI (Hired 20 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (18)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACAFR1645 VABB LFPG 777-200 (AFR-B772) 10.12.06 06/05/2020 Accepted
MACSIA177 WSSS VABB 777-300ER (AIC-B773) 05.06.06 06/03/2020 Accepted
MACSIA135 WADD WSSS 777-300ER (AIC-B773) 02.41.25 06/03/2020 Accepted
MACANZ826 NZAA WSSS B787-800 (ANZ-B787) 08.44.09 06/02/2020 Accepted
MACANZ827 WSSS NZAA B787-800 (ANZ-B787) 10.11.50 05/31/2020 Accepted
MACSIA172 VABB WSSS 777-200 (AIC-B772) 04.56.11 05/30/2020 Accepted
MACAIC402 VIDP VABB 777-200 (AIC-B772) 02.01.54 05/29/2020 Accepted
MACAIC414 VOHY VIDP B787-800 (ETH-B788) 01.52.53 05/29/2020 Accepted
MACAIC410 VIDP VOHY 777-200 (AIC-B772) 01.59.31 05/28/2020 Accepted
MACAIC320 VOMM VIDP A321 (AIC-A321) 02.40.09 05/28/2020 Accepted
MACAXB15 VABB VOMM 737-800 (AXB-B738) 01.46.09 05/27/2020 Accepted
MACAIC402 VIDP VABB 777-300ER (AIC-B773) 01.58.28 05/25/2020 Accepted
MACSEJ82 VECC VIDP 737-900 (JAI-B739) 02.13.40 05/25/2020 Accepted
MACJAI508 VERC VECC 737-800 (JAI-B738) 01.02.22 05/25/2020 Accepted
MACJAI259 VIDP VERC 737-800 (JAI-B738) 01.47.39 05/25/2020 Accepted
MACJAI565 VABB VIDP 737-900 (JAI-B739) 01.57.53 05/21/2020 Accepted
MACEUN-160 EICK EGPD A319 (AIC-A319) 01.30.14 05/21/2020 Accepted
MACCOA800 KEWR VABB 777-200 (COA-B772) 14.58.35 05/20/2020 Accepted