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Rick Peabody's Statistics

Name: Rick Peabody Hours: 19.43
Pilot ID: MAC0505 Flights: 38
Hub: PAFA Distance Flown: 2540 miles
Rank: Pilot In Training Last Flight: Today
Hire Date: 10/18/2019 Last Flight Date: 11/17/2019

Rick Peabody (Hired 31 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (38)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACATX205 KLKR KHVS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.12.32 11/17/2019 Accepted
MACC47SKT101 KRIV KNID C-47 (USN-R4D8Z) 00.45.13 11/14/2019 Accepted
MACC47SKT100 KNZY KRIV C-47 (USN-R4D8Z) 00.26.38 11/13/2019 Accepted
HSTAOA65 KBOS KJFK BOEING B-377 (AOA-B377A) 00.43.44 11/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX204 KOGB KLKR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.21.27 11/05/2019 Accepted
MACATX203 KHYW KOGB GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.27.47 10/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX202 KMKS KHYW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.16.45 10/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX201 KCRE KMKS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.37.26 10/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX200 KCHS KCRE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.06 10/26/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-01 PANC PAKY KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.30.50 10/26/2019 Accepted
HST191952 OPQT OPJA C-47 (USN-R4D8Z) 00.46.07 10/24/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-102 MYGF MYAW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.28.06 10/24/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-101 MYBS MYGF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.21.23 10/23/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-100 KMIA MYBS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.56 10/23/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-112 ENTC ENEV J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 01.21.42 10/23/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-111 2MI7 MI15 BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.21.11 10/23/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-110 29C 2MI7 BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.24.33 10/23/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-111 ENSR ENTC J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.34.20 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-109 98G 29C BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.15.24 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-108 52I 98G BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.12.47 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-107 5Y0 52I BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.27.03 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-106 KSLH 5Y0 BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.37.35 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-105 KTVC KSLH BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.19.53 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-104 5D5 KTVC BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.23.51 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-103 KFKS 5D5 BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.20.13 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-110 ENHK ENSR PILATUS PC-6 (MAC-PC6) 00.24.44 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-109 ENAT ENHK J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.42.48 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-108 ENHF ENAT J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.22.42 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-102 MI71 KFKS BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.28.10 10/20/2019 Accepted
MACGLTOR-101 KBIV MI71 BEECH 1900D (GLA-B190) 00.26.58 10/20/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-107 ENHV ENHF J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.22.28 10/20/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-106 ENNA ENHV J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.26.16 10/20/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-105 ENMH ENNA J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.46.11 10/20/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-104 ENBS ENMH J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.25.19 10/19/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-103 ENVD ENBS J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.17.41 10/19/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-102 ENSS ENVD J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.16.33 10/19/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-101 ENBV ENSS J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.49.47 10/19/2019 Accepted
MACCUB-100 ENKR ENBV J3 CUB (MAC-J3) 00.35.18 10/19/2019 Accepted