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Ahmed Saleh's Statistics

Name: Ahmed Saleh Hours: 93.22
Pilot ID: MAC0500 Flights: 137
Hub: KSFO Distance Flown: 8829 miles
Rank: Captain Last Flight: 2 Days ago
Hire Date: 09/25/2019 Last Flight Date: 02/15/2020

Ahmed Saleh (Hired 145 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (137)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACSWZL15 LFSB LSGN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.38.09 02/15/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL14 LSGE LFSB GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.53 02/13/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL13 LSZH LSGE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.04 02/12/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL12 LSZC LSZH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.29.11 02/12/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL11 LSZR LSZC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.00.59 02/10/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL10 LSZS LSZR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.44.24 02/10/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL9 LSPM LSZS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.26 02/07/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL8 LSTS LSPM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.27.03 02/07/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL7 LSZL LSTS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.36.00 02/06/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL6 LSGK LSZL GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.41.10 02/06/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL5 LSZA LSGK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.55.38 02/06/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL4 LSGS LSZA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.08.29 02/06/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL3 LSGL LSGS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.55.12 02/05/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL2 LSGC LSGL GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.57.38 02/05/2020 Accepted
MACSWZL1 LSGG LSGC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.51 02/01/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA15 EGPO EGPC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.51.42 01/31/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA14 EGEI EGPO GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.37.00 01/31/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA13 EGEY EGEI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.47.16 01/31/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA12 EGPI EGEY GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.17.18 01/31/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA11 EGPF EGPI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.11 01/31/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA10 EGPK EGPF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.14.42 01/31/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA9 EGNL EGPK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.47 01/31/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA8 EGNH EGNL GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.25.25 01/29/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA7 EGGP EGNH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.36.15 01/26/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA6 EGCK EGGP GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.38.33 01/26/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA5 EGFA EGCK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.37.24 01/26/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA4 EGFH EGFA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.28.27 01/26/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA3 EGGD EGFH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.17 01/25/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-115 TUPJ TQPF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.34.01 01/25/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA2 EGHQ EGGD GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.26 01/24/2020 Accepted
MACUK-GA1 EGHC EGHQ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.52 01/24/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-119 TKPN TNCE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.25.53 01/24/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-118 TAPA TKPN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.32.26 01/23/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-117 TAPH TAPA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.35.40 01/23/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-116 TQPF TAPH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.47.00 01/19/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-114 TISX TUPJ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.59.25 01/16/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-114 TISX TUPJ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.25 01/14/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-113 TJIG TISX GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.35.41 01/13/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-112 MDPC TJIG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.47.55 01/08/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-111 MDSD MDPC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.57.50 01/07/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-110 MBPV MDSD 737-800 (BWA-B738) 01.03.19 01/05/2020 Accepted
MACCRB-109 MBPI MBPV GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.55.29 12/26/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-108 MBSY MBPI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.16 12/25/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-107 MBPV MBSY GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.44.54 12/25/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-106 MYNN MBPV 737-800 (BWA-B738) 01.09.22 12/24/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-105 MYBG MYNN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.28.30 12/24/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-104 MYAM MYBG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.44.40 12/24/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-103 MYAW MYAM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.51 12/20/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-102 MYGF MYAW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.22 12/20/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-101 MYBS MYGF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.46.00 12/20/2019 Accepted
MACCRB-100 KMIA MYBS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.41.48 12/19/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-139 VNLD VNLK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.05 12/13/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-138 VNLK VNLD GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.24 12/13/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-138 VNLK VNLD GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.24 12/13/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-137 VNBJ VNLK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.21.33 12/10/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-136 VNLK VNBJ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.28.12 12/10/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-135 VNTR VNLK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.24.30 12/09/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-134 VNJP VNTR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.41.45 12/07/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-133 VNSI VNJP GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.43.05 12/06/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-132 VNBW VNSI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.51.13 12/06/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-131 VNCJ VNBW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.50.34 12/06/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-130 VNDG VNCJ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.51 12/06/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-129 VNSK VNDG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.46 12/05/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-128 VNBR VNSK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.37.05 12/03/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-127 VNDH VNBR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.01.27 12/03/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-126 VNBG VNDH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.02.48 12/02/2019 Accepted
PRO400002 KGYR KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 00.45.13 11/30/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-125 VNST VNBG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.27.31 11/28/2019 Accepted
HSTUAE67 EDDL EDDF 747-400 FREI (UAE-B744F) 00.39.40 11/28/2019 Accepted
HST191938 SBNT SBRF C-47 (USN-R4D8Z) 01.16.40 11/27/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-124 VNDP VNST GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.41.51 11/25/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-123 VNPK VNDP GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.54.07 11/24/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-122 VNJS VNPK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.54 11/24/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-121 VNKT VNJS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.46.04 11/23/2019 Accepted
MACNEP-120 VNLK VNKT GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.33.25 11/22/2019 Accepted
PRO400001 KPHX KGYR C172 (MAC-172) 00.32.56 11/21/2019 Accepted
MACATX180 KDLS KPDX GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.43.15 11/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX179 KM50 KDLS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.55.59 11/18/2019 Accepted
CHR11908 KM50 KDLS BELL HELICOP (GRL-BEL) 00.48.23 11/16/2019 Accepted
MACATX178 55S KM50 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.47.40 11/16/2019 Accepted
MACATX177 KBFI 55S GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.03.46 11/16/2019 Accepted
MACATX176 KFHR KBFI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.38.53 11/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX175 3W5 KFHR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.37.47 11/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX174 KS52 3W5 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.18 11/13/2019 Accepted
MACATX173 K3W7 KS52 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.45 11/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX172 KEPH K3W7 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.01 11/07/2019 Accepted
MACATX171 KALW KEPH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.54.39 11/06/2019 Accepted
MACATX170 K4S3 KALW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.46.44 11/06/2019 Accepted
MACATX169 KONO K4S3 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.56.20 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACATX168 KBNO KONO GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.38.53 10/22/2019 Accepted
MACATX167 KLKV KBNO GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.22 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACATX166 KLMT KLKV GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.28 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACATX165 K5S6 KLMT GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.54.42 10/21/2019 Accepted
MACATX164 K6S2 K5S6 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.54 10/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX163 KSLE K6S2 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.04.46 10/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX162 KS33 KSLE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.49 10/19/2019 Accepted
MACATX161 KPDX KS33 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.55.37 10/19/2019 Accepted
MACATX120 KTEX KFMN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.37.06 10/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX119 10CO KTEX GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.41.25 10/17/2019 Accepted
MACATX118 KEGE 10CO GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.43.09 10/17/2019 Accepted
MACATX117 KCAG KEGE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.54.45 10/16/2019 Accepted
MACATX116 33V KCAG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.55.02 10/15/2019 Accepted
MACATX115 KBDU 33V GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.33 10/15/2019 Accepted
MACATX114 KASE KBDU GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.56.29 10/13/2019 Accepted
MACATX113 KBKF KASE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.00.56 10/12/2019 Accepted
MACATX112 18V KBKF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.03 10/12/2019 Accepted
MACATX111 2V6 18V GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.37.09 10/10/2019 Accepted
MACATX110 KITR 2V6 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.56.17 10/10/2019 Accepted
MACATX109 8V7 KITR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.03.02 10/09/2019 Accepted
MACATX108 7V9 8V7 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.48.29 10/09/2019 Accepted
MACATX107 KFLY 7V9 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.43.23 10/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX106 KLXV KFLY GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.14.47 10/06/2019 Accepted
MACATX105 0CO2 KLXV GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.27.25 10/05/2019 Accepted
MACATX104 C24 0CO2 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.16 10/05/2019 Accepted
MACATX103 05V C24 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.23.05 10/04/2019 Accepted
MACATX102 KPSO 05V GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.36 10/04/2019 Accepted
MACATX101 KFMN KPSO GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.55.06 10/03/2019 Accepted
MACATX199 RCLG RCTP GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.29.23 10/01/2019 Accepted
MACATX198 RCGM RCLG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.29.44 10/01/2019 Accepted
MACATX197 RCPO RCGM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.05.38 09/30/2019 Accepted
MACATX197 RCPO RCGM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.25.17 09/30/2019 Accepted
MACATX196 RCMQ RCPO GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.35.57 09/29/2019 Accepted
MACATX195 RCKU RCMQ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.54 09/29/2019 Accepted
MACATX194 RCQC RCKU GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.45.36 09/28/2019 Accepted
MACATX193 RCWA RCQC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.12.04 09/28/2019 Accepted
MACATX192 RCNN RCWA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.27.34 09/28/2019 Accepted
MACATX191 RCDC RCNN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.18.57 09/28/2019 Accepted
MACATX190 RCAY RCDC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.20.42 09/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX189 RCSQ RCAY GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.13.26 09/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX188 RCKH RCSQ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.19.21 09/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX187 RCKW RCKH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.50 09/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX186 RCLY RCKW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.21.52 09/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX185 RCGI RCLY GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.29.26 09/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX184 RCFN RCGI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.27.55 09/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX183 RCYU RCFN PA-46T (CSJ-PA46T) 00.46.31 09/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX182 RCSS RCYU PIPER LIGHT (WAV-PIPR) 00.42.57 09/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX181 RCTP RCSS MOONEY M20 (MAC-M20) 00.21.18 09/25/2019 Accepted