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Andrew Jaschke's Statistics

Name: Andrew Jaschke Hours: 83.27
Pilot ID: MAC0494 Flights: 21
Hub: CYQT Distance Flown: 36910 miles
Rank: Captain Last Flight: 31 Days ago
Hire Date: 08/30/2019 Last Flight Date: 12/21/2019

Andrew Jaschke (Hired 145 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (21)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACUAL1009 KDEN KPSP A320 (UAL-A320) 02.04.31 12/21/2019 Accepted
MACDAL579 KMSP KPSP A320 (DAL-A320) 03.26.01 12/13/2019 Accepted
MACAAL114 KLAX KJFK A320 (AAL-A320) 05.08.31 11/29/2019 Accepted
MACFFT189 KDEN KSLC A319 (FFT-A319) 01.28.42 11/28/2019 Accepted
MACUAL1271 KBOS KDEN A320 (UAL-A320) 04.00.16 10/26/2019 Accepted
MACUAL2186 KSEA KDEN A320 (UAL-A320) 02.05.57 10/18/2019 Accepted
MACFFT299 KDFW KDEN A320 (FFT-A320) 02.06.09 10/17/2019 Accepted
MACDAL616 KMSP KDEN A320 (DAL-A320) 01.59.15 10/11/2019 Accepted
MACF1-105 ZSSS UBBB 747-400 FREI (DHL-B744F) 07.15.49 10/10/2019 Accepted
MACF1-104 OBBI ZSSS 747-400 FREI (DHL-B744F) 07.05.56 10/06/2019 Accepted
MACF1-103 WMSA OBBI 747-400 FREI (DHL-B744F) 06.31.45 10/04/2019 Accepted
MACUAL1668 KABQ KDEN A320 (UAL-A320) 01.19.38 10/04/2019 Accepted
MACF1-102 YMML WMSA 747-400 FREI (DHL-B744F) 07.12.53 10/04/2019 Accepted
CHR11817 KSEA KBJC A320 (UAL-A320) 02.36.05 10/03/2019 Accepted
MACAWE1360 KMCO KDFW A320 (AWE-A320) 02.49.45 09/14/2019 Accepted
MACDAL938 KMEM KSLC A320 (DAL-A320) 03.12.39 09/13/2019 Accepted
MACAWE1186 KPHX KATL A320 (AWE-A320) 03.10.00 09/13/2019 Accepted
CHR11768 KDEN KFLG A320 (UAL-A320) 01.18.42 09/12/2019 Accepted
MACUAL1455 KATL KDEN A320 (UAL-A320) 03.18.23 09/02/2019 Accepted
MACF1-101 VIDP YMML 747-400 FREI (DHL-B744F) 08.15.25 09/01/2019 Accepted
MACF1-100 EGNX VIDP 747-400 FREI (DHL-B744F) 07.01.00 08/31/2019 Accepted