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Sandra Robertson's Statistics

Name: Sandra Robertson Hours: 40.22
Pilot ID: MAC0476 Flights: 11
Hub: KPHX Distance Flown: 15554 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 5 Days ago
Hire Date: 06/09/2019 Last Flight Date: 06/22/2019

Sandra Robertson (Hired 18 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (11)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACSWA6857 KAUS KDAL 737-700 (SWA-B737) 01.02.07 06/22/2019 Accepted
MACBAW1341 EGLL KAUS B787-800 (BAW-B787) 10.03.47 06/21/2019 Accepted
MACQWS-105 ENGM EGCC B787-800 (UAL-B787) 02.00.39 06/20/2019 Accepted
MACQWS-104 CYUL ENGM B787-800 (UAL-B787) 06.05.14 06/19/2019 Accepted
MACQWS-103 KPHL CYUL B787-800 (UAL-B787) 01.36.54 06/18/2019 Accepted
MACQWS-102 PANC KPHL B787-800 (UAL-B787) 06.20.35 06/17/2019 Accepted
MACQWS-101 KPDX PANC B787-800 (UAL-B787) 03.25.33 06/16/2019 Accepted
MACQWS-100 KPHX KPDX B787-800 (UAL-B787) 02.30.02 06/15/2019 Accepted
MACSWA1114 KLAX KPHX 737-700 (SWA-B737) 01.33.13 06/15/2019 Accepted
MACAAL710 KDFW KLAX 737-800 (AAL-B738) 03.06.10 06/14/2019 Accepted
MACSWA438 KLGA KBNA 737-700 (SWA-B737) 02.38.26 06/12/2019 Accepted