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Don Gessells's Statistics

Name: Don Gessells Hours: 70.21
Pilot ID: MAC0458 Flights: 94
Hub: PAFA Distance Flown: 11979 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 37 Days ago
Hire Date: 02/11/2019 Last Flight Date: 06/14/2019

Don Gessells (Hired 161 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (94)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACALSKTOR-01 PANC PAKY KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.21.07 06/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX061 KSAN KAVX C172 (MAC-172) 00.49.21 06/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX013 KGKT KMOR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.25 04/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX136 KSPK 33U GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.38.17 04/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX135 KBTF KSPK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.18.53 04/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX134 KBMC KBTF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.18.09 04/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX133 KENV KBMC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.34.54 04/09/2019 Accepted
MACATX132 KDTA KENV GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.32.22 04/09/2019 Accepted
MACATX131 41U KDTA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.11 04/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX130 KRIF 41U GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.19.33 04/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX129 U52 KRIF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.18.42 04/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX128 1L8 U52 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.10 04/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX127 KKNB 1L8 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.21.51 04/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX126 KBCE KKNB GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.18.30 04/08/2019 Accepted
MACATX012 KRKW KGKT GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.24.28 04/06/2019 Accepted
MACATX011 KMNV KRKW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.16.35 04/06/2019 Accepted
MACATX010 KHDI KMNV GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.14.53 04/06/2019 Accepted
MACATX009 KAPT KHDI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.04 03/29/2019 Accepted
MACATX008 KRNC KAPT GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.40 03/29/2019 Accepted
MACATX007 KLUG KRNC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.28.03 03/28/2019 Accepted
MACATX006 KMQY KLUG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.15.29 03/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX005 KMRC KMQY GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.21.00 03/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX004 KSNH KMRC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.42 03/27/2019 Accepted
MACATX003 KHZD KSNH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.36.09 03/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX002 KDYR KHZD GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.24.32 03/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX001 KNQA KDYR GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.33 03/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX100 KZUN KFMN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.43.58 03/24/2019 Accepted
MACATX099 KAEG KZUN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.37 03/24/2019 Accepted
MACATX098 KLVS KAEG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.34 03/24/2019 Accepted
MACATX097 KSXU KLVS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.20.47 03/24/2019 Accepted
MACATX096 1N1 KSXU GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.40 03/24/2019 Accepted
MACATX160 0V7 KFMN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.58.26 03/21/2019 Accepted
CRGAAR12 PANC KMIA 747-400 FREI (AAR-B744F) 07.19.25 03/21/2019 Accepted
MACATX159 KPGA 0V7 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.25 03/21/2019 Accepted
MACATX158 KAZC KPGA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.44.29 03/21/2019 Accepted
MACATX157 L41 KAZC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.34.23 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX156 KGCN L41 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.29.06 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX095 KONM 1N1 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.32.31 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX094 KTCS KONM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.37 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX155 1Z1 KGCN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.21.09 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX154 3AZ5 1Z1 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.16.19 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX153 1G4 3AZ5 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.28.22 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX152 U30 1G4 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.20.44 03/20/2019 Accepted
MACATX151 KHII U30 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.45.54 03/19/2019 Accepted
MACATX150 2AZ1 KHII GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.35.58 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX149 KLGF 2AZ1 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.36.01 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX149 KLGF 2AZ1 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.34.13 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX093 94E KTCS GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.25.35 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX092 NM64 94E GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.33.53 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX091 KDMN NM64 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.30.42 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX090 KELP KDMN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.12 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX089 KALM KELP GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.32.15 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX088 KCNM KALM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.42.39 03/18/2019 Accepted
MACATX087 KROW KCNM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.09 03/17/2019 Accepted
MACATX086 KCVN KROW GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.27 03/17/2019 Accepted
MACATX085 E89 KCVN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.35.17 03/17/2019 Accepted
MACATX084 KSKX E89 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.41 03/17/2019 Accepted
MACATX083 KLAM KSKX GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.19.40 03/17/2019 Accepted
MACATX148 E63 KLGF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.45.10 03/16/2019 Accepted
MACATX147 KMZJ E63 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.57 03/15/2019 Accepted
MACATX146 P13 KMZJ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.38.12 03/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX145 18AZ P13 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.25.26 03/14/2019 Accepted
MACATX144 KSEZ 18AZ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.29.57 03/11/2019 Accepted
MACATX082 24N KLAM GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.31.30 03/10/2019 Accepted
MACATX081 KFMN 24N GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.34.47 03/10/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-20 PALU PAWI KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.59.58 02/28/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-19 PAVL PALU KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.49.58 02/28/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-18 PASK PAVL KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.49.44 02/28/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-17 PAIW PASK KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.15.28 02/27/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-16 PAOM PAIW KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.40.33 02/27/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-15 PAKK PAOM KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.41.36 02/27/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-14 PAEM PAKK KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.49.04 02/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX143 P14 KSEZ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.43.54 02/26/2019 Accepted
MACATX142 KRQE P14 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.59 02/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX125 38U KBCE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.05 02/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX124 KHVE 38U GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.17.14 02/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX123 U07 KHVE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.23.39 02/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX141 KFMN KRQE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.49.33 02/25/2019 Accepted
MACATX122 KBDG U07 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.34.45 02/24/2019 Accepted
MACATX121 KFMN KBDG GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.05 02/24/2019 Accepted
MACATX160 0V7 KFMN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.32.39 02/24/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-13 PASA PAEM KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.02.28 02/23/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-12 PACM PASA KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.06.38 02/23/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-11 PAMY PACM KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.53.21 02/22/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-10 PAEH PAMY KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.14.48 02/22/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-09 PFWS PAEH KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.12.12 02/19/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-08 PAPH PFWS KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.54.14 02/17/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-07 PAOU PAPH KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 00.44.29 02/16/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-06 PAPB PAOU KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 02.05.46 02/16/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-05 PADK PAPB KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 02.51.05 02/15/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-04 PAKO PADK KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.24.24 02/15/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-03 PASD PAKO KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 02.09.13 02/15/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-02 PAKY PASD KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 01.46.54 02/13/2019 Accepted
MACALSKTOR-01 PANC PAKY KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000) 02.17.38 02/13/2019 Accepted