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David Frantz's Statistics

Name: David Frantz Hours: 56.20
Pilot ID: MAC0440 Flights: 35
Hub: CYQT Distance Flown: 12975 miles
Rank: Pilot In Training Last Flight: Yesterday
Hire Date: 12/04/2018 Last Flight Date: 02/21/2019

David Frantz (Hired 80 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (37)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CHR11245 KSFF KBFI FOKKER 27 (APY-F27) 01.12.46 02/21/2019 Accepted
CHR11137 KMSO KORS BEECH D18S (SCA-D18S) 02.19.11 02/07/2019 Accepted
HSTNWA83 KMSP KGEG DOUGLAS DC-6 (NWADC6-570) 04.17.09 02/04/2019 Accepted
HSTNWA123 KBIL KMSP DOUGLAS DC-6 (NWADC6-572) 02.34.11 02/03/2019 Accepted
HSTNWA122 KGEG KBIL DOUGLAS DC-6 (CF-CPJ) 01.37.54 02/03/2019 Accepted
HSTNWA121 KSEA KGEG DOUGLAS DC-6 (NWADC6-572) 01.10.16 02/02/2019 Accepted
CHR11196 EGPE ENZV L-1049 (N88832) 01.30.20 02/02/2019 Accepted
CHR11193 RJFK ROAH L-1049 (N90915) 01.44.22 02/01/2019 Accepted
CHR10977 LYTV LYBE PILATUS PC-1 (IAR-PC12) 01.06.05 01/31/2019 Accepted
CHR10310 VNKT VQPR DASH 7 (XAK-DCH7) 00.56.06 01/30/2019 Rejected
CHR11137 KMSO KORS BEECH D18S (SCA-D18S) 02.13.58 01/20/2019 Accepted
CHR11116 KOAK KRDD PILATUS PC-1 (IAR-PC12) 00.57.35 01/17/2019 Accepted
CHR11084 KEUG KTVL DASH 8-300 (ANZ-DH8C) 01.01.35 01/10/2019 Accepted
CHR11079 KRDD KEUG DASH 8-400 (ACA-DH8D) 00.58.47 01/07/2019 Accepted
CHR11067 KMRY KRDD DASH 8-400 (QFA-DH8D) 00.50.20 01/06/2019 Accepted
CHR11061 KRDD 1O6 PILATUS PC-6 (MAC-PC6) 00.23.20 01/02/2019 Accepted
CHR11007 KBFI KGEG PILATUS PC-1 (SQH-PC12) 01.04.11 12/19/2018 Accepted
CHR11004 KOAK KSEA L-1049 (SIK-L049) 02.29.06 12/18/2018 Accepted
CHR11000 KORS KGEG BEECH D18S (SCA-D18S) 01.33.10 12/18/2018 Accepted
CHR10987 CYCZ KORS BEECH D18S (SCA-D18S) 02.01.50 12/15/2018 Accepted
CHR10986 KMSO CYCX BEECH D18S (SCA-D18S) 01.16.51 12/15/2018 Accepted
CHR10980 1O6 KCCR TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 01.08.24 12/15/2018 Accepted
CHR10978 LYTV LHBP PILATUS PC-1 (IAR-PC12) 01.26.07 12/14/2018 Accepted
CHR10977 LYTV LYBE PILATUS PC-1 (IAR-PC12) 00.59.40 12/14/2018 Accepted
HSTCPC24 CYSM CYZF CURTISS C-46 (CPC-C46C) 01.04.55 12/13/2018 Accepted
CHR10969 KMSP KIND PILATUS PC-1 (WSG-PC12) 02.03.04 12/12/2018 Accepted
HSTAAL1501 KLGA KBUF CONVAIR 240 (AAL-N94255) 01.25.35 12/12/2018 Accepted
CHR10967 KMSO KBFI TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 02.34.06 12/12/2018 Accepted
CHR10956 KRDD KGEG TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 01.57.00 12/09/2018 Accepted
CHR10952 KNSI KRDD TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 02.00.56 12/09/2018 Accepted
CHR10952 KNSI KRDD TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 02.01.15 12/08/2018 Rejected
CHR10951 KMYF KNSI TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 00.52.18 12/08/2018 Accepted
CHR10945 KPHX KSAF TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 01.17.44 12/08/2018 Accepted
CHR10941 KOAK KPHX TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 02.21.51 12/07/2018 Accepted
MACASA435 KSEA KOAK DASH 6 (ASA-DHC6) 03.09.16 12/06/2018 Accepted
MACUAL10338 KGEG KSEA EMB-120 (UAL-E120) 00.59.14 12/06/2018 Accepted
MACGLTOR-139 CYQT KBFW EMB-120 (GLA-E120) 00.37.20 12/06/2018 Accepted