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Luis Damas's Statistics

Name: Luis Damas Hours: 67.55
Pilot ID: MAC0398 Flights: 26
Hub: LOWI Distance Flown: 22925 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 27 Days ago
Hire Date: 08/01/2018 Last Flight Date: 01/26/2019

Luis Damas (Hired 205 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (26)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACALK10 VRMM VCBI A320 (ALK-A320) 01.13.37 01/26/2019 Accepted
MACDQA2 VRMG VRMM DASH 8-200 (DQA-DH8B) 01.22.45 12/27/2018 Accepted
MACDQA5 VRMM VRMG DASH 8-200 (DQA-DH8B) 01.23.54 12/26/2018 Accepted
MACDQA13 VRMH VRMM DASH 8-200 (DQA-DH8B) 01.01.25 12/19/2018 Accepted
MACDQA10 VRMM VRMH DASH 8-200 (DQA-DH8B) 00.55.41 12/18/2018 Accepted
MACBAW1225 EGKK VRMM 777-200 (BAW-B772) 10.12.27 11/17/2018 Accepted
MACTAP304 LPPR EGKK A320 (TAP-A320) 01.51.13 11/15/2018 Accepted
MACTAP281 LPPT LPPR A320 (TAP-A320) 01.10.06 11/06/2018 Accepted
MACUAE274 OMDB LPPT 777-200 (UAE-B772) 07.58.55 10/12/2018 Accepted
MACUAE275 LPPT OMDB 777-200 (UAE-B772) 07.29.01 10/11/2018 Accepted
MACRZO37 LPHR LPPT A320 (RZO-A320) 02.17.45 10/06/2018 Accepted
MACRZO38 LPPT LPHR A320 (RZO-A320) 02.43.20 10/05/2018 Accepted
MACRZO30 LPPD LPPT A320 (RZO-A320) 02.13.53 09/22/2018 Accepted
MACRZO69 LPMA LPPD DASH 8-400 (RZO-DH8D) 02.06.05 09/20/2018 Accepted
MACRZO77 GCLP LPMA DASH 8-400 (RZO-DH8D) 01.29.55 09/19/2018 Accepted
MACVLG242 LEBL GCLP A320 (VLG-A320) 03.37.13 09/16/2018 Accepted
MACAFR460 LFPG LEBL A320 (AFR-A320) 02.05.50 09/11/2018 Accepted
MACAFR13 EDDF LFPG A318 (AFR-A318) 01.19.31 09/02/2018 Accepted
MACDLH369 LPPR EDDF A320 (DLH-A320) 02.56.20 08/27/2018 Accepted
MACRZO39 LPPD LPPR A320 (RZO-A320) 02.27.52 08/25/2018 Accepted
MACRZO40 LPPR LPPD A320 (RZO-A320) 02.24.28 08/24/2018 Accepted
MACTAP568 LEBL LPPR ERJ-145 (TAP-E145) 01.48.15 08/16/2018 Accepted
MACDLH1372 EDDF LEBL A320 (DLH-A320) 01.52.50 08/11/2018 Accepted
MACDLH2298 LOWI EDDF DASH 8-400 (DLH-DH8D) 01.21.04 08/11/2018 Accepted
MACDLH2293 EDDF LOWI DASH 8-400 (DLH-DH8D) 01.10.54 08/06/2018 Accepted
MACDLH2294 LOWI EDDF DASH 8-400 (DLH-DH8D) 01.21.30 08/05/2018 Accepted