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Steve Frampton's Statistics

Name: Steve Frampton Hours: 43.19
Pilot ID: MAC0375 Flights: 23
Hub: KPHX Distance Flown: 9688 miles
Rank: Pilot In Training Last Flight: 16 Days ago
Hire Date: 05/15/2018 Last Flight Date: 11/04/2018

Steve Frampton (Hired 190 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (23)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CRGAIE1 CYUL CYGL 737-200 COMB (AIE-B732C) 02.05.19 11/04/2018 Accepted
CHR10766 KSAN KNSI TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 00.58.45 10/18/2018 Accepted
CHR10745 KPHX KSAN TWIN COMMAND (AERO-695A) 01.42.03 10/15/2018 Accepted
CRGFAB19 CYVP CYUL 737-200 COMB (FAB-B732C) 03.02.30 10/09/2018 Accepted
CRGFAB22 CYFB CYVP 737-200 COMB (FAB-B732C) 01.32.15 10/07/2018 Accepted
CRGFAB16 CYOW CYFB 737-200 COMB (FAB-B732C) 02.59.20 09/21/2018 Accepted
HSTDAL143 KPHX KSLC 737-300 (DAL-B733) 01.32.50 09/03/2018 Accepted
CRGFDX1413 KBUF CYOW A300-600R FR (FDX-A306F) 01.08.28 08/07/2018 Accepted
CRGFDX1296 KMEM KBUF A300-600R FR (FDX-A306F) 02.14.56 08/06/2018 Accepted
CRGFDX1070 KEWR KMEM A300-600R FR (FDX-A306F) 02.41.19 08/05/2018 Accepted
MACCOA930 KEWR CYUL DASH 8-400 (COA-DH8D) 01.59.00 08/05/2018 Accepted
CRGFDX2300 KBUF KEWR ATR 72 (FDX-AT72) 01.26.53 08/03/2018 Accepted
CRGFDX3393 KMEM KBUF 757-200 FREI (FDX-B752F) 02.35.07 08/01/2018 Accepted
CRGFDX4337 KPHX KMEM 767-300 FREI (FDX-B763F) 02.55.12 07/29/2018 Accepted
MACDAL6373 KGEG KSEA SAAB 340 (DAL-S340) 01.33.05 07/20/2018 Accepted
MACDAL5763 KSLC KGEG SAAB 340 (DAL-S340) 02.32.24 07/19/2018 Accepted
MACDAL6022 KBUR KSLC SAAB 340 (DAL-S340) 02.40.25 07/10/2018 Accepted
MAC17157 KPHX KBUR BEECH LIGHT (AMF-BECF) 02.03.30 06/26/2018 Accepted
MAC17132 KOLS KPHX BEECH LIGHT (AMF-BECF) 01.12.11 06/17/2018 Accepted
MAC17231 KTUS KOLS BEECH LIGHT (AMF-BECF) 00.39.56 06/17/2018 Accepted
MAC17163 KPHX KTUS BEECH LIGHT (AMF-BECF) 01.03.50 06/10/2018 Accepted
MACLVP-108 KHII KPHX BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.20.18 05/20/2018 Accepted
MACLVP-107 KPHX KHII BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.20.10 05/20/2018 Accepted