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Bryan Dulog's Statistics

Name: Bryan Dulog Hours: 86.53
Pilot ID: MAC0367 Flights: 27
Hub: KPHX Distance Flown: 23953 miles
Rank: Captain Last Flight: Yesterday
Hire Date: 04/25/2018 Last Flight Date: 05/25/2018

Bryan Dulog (Hired 31 days ago!)


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PIREP's List (27)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC124880 VRMM OOMS 737-900 (OAS-B739) 04.10.19 25/05/2018 Accepted
MAC16536 VCBI VRMM A320 (ALK-A320) 01.46.08 23/05/2018 Accepted
MAC16614 VTBS VCBI A330-200 (ALK-A332) 03.55.02 22/05/2018 Accepted
MAC16007 VTSP VTBS A320 (AIQ-A320) 01.28.58 20/05/2018 Accepted
MAC160967 YPPH VTSP A330-200 (THA-A332) 06.58.46 20/05/2018 Accepted
MAC107709 WADD YPPH A320 (JST-A320) 04.07.16 19/05/2018 Accepted
MAC125773 RPLL WADD A320 (PAL-A320) 04.03.57 18/05/2018 Accepted
MAC125885 RJAA RPLL 777-300ER (PAL-B773) 04.50.24 16/05/2018 Accepted
MAC187517 PANC RJAA 767-300 (UPS-B763) 08.04.22 13/05/2018 Accepted
MAC24655 PAFA PANC DASH 8-200 (ASA-DH8B) 01.21.56 12/05/2018 Accepted
MAC24630 PANC PAFA DASH 8-200 (ASA-DH8B) 01.18.33 12/05/2018 Accepted
MAC121594 KSEA PANC 757-200 (NAO-B752) 04.12.09 12/05/2018 Accepted
MAC171425 KSFO KSEA A320 (UAL-A320) 02.11.25 11/05/2018 Accepted
MAC171593 KPDX KSFO A320 (UAL-A320) 02.03.14 11/05/2018 Accepted
MAC64691 KSLC KPDX A320 (DAL-A320) 02.05.12 11/05/2018 Accepted
MAC64744 KMSP KSLC A320 (DAL-A320) 04.11.05 09/05/2018 Accepted
MAC64276 KDTW KMSP A320 (DAL-A320) 03.23.53 07/05/2018 Accepted
MAC123211 KFLL KDTW A320 (NKS-A320) 03.48.57 06/05/2018 Accepted
MAC123070 MMUN KFLL A320 (NKS-A320) 02.21.04 05/05/2018 Accepted
MAC189920 MMMX MMUN A320 (VOI-A320) 02.34.40 05/05/2018 Accepted
MAC121235 KMIA MMMX A320 (MXA-A320) 04.37.34 05/05/2018 Accepted
MAC244 KATL KMIA A320 (AAL-A320) 02.26.25 04/05/2018 Accepted
MAC123033 KDFW KATL A320 (NKS-A320) 03.12.02 04/05/2018 Accepted
MAC123180 KDEN KDFW A320 (NKS-A320) 02.30.42 02/05/2018 Accepted
MAC104165 KLGB KSFO A320 (JBU-A320) 01.51.10 29/04/2018 Accepted
MAC104294 KLAS KLGB A321 (TOM-A321) 01.14.51 29/04/2018 Accepted
MAC123373 KLAX KLAS A320 (NKS-A320) 02.03.46 28/04/2018 Accepted