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Chris Kelley's Statistics

Name: Chris Kelley Hours: 101.25
Pilot ID: MAC0352 Flights: 50
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 21836 miles
Rank: Pilot In Training Last Flight: 37 Days ago
Hire Date: 03/15/2018 Last Flight Date: 06/12/2018

Chris Kelley (Hired 126 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (50)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
PROMULT-026 CYYZ KPTK BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 00.55.20 06/12/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-025 CYGP CYYZ BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 02.49.47 06/12/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-024 CYYT CYGP BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 02.09.38 06/04/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-023 CYHZ CYYT BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.44.34 05/28/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-022 KGON CYHZ BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.38.56 05/27/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-021 KPHF KGON BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.23.07 05/27/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-020 KMYR KPHF BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.07.02 05/25/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-019 KMLB KMYR BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.45.34 05/24/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-018 MYNN KMLB BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.18.28 05/23/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-017 TJSJ MYNN BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 03.04.33 05/10/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-016 MUCU TJSJ BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 02.19.00 05/09/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-015 KTNT MUCU BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.51.26 05/09/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-014 KGNV KTNT BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.06.24 05/06/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-013 KBIX KGNV BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.37.00 05/05/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-012 KDWH KBIX BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.36.49 04/29/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-011 KDRT KDWH BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 01.25.07 04/28/2018 Accepted
PROMULT-010 KPHX KDRT BEECH B200 (NPVT-449C) 02.20.14 04/28/2018 Accepted
MACPRO-IFR KPHX P08 PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 01.06.49 04/27/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-010 KCRQ KPHX PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 02.09.13 04/26/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-009 KPHX KCRQ PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 02.04.58 04/25/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-008 KPUB KPHX PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 03.55.11 04/24/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-007 KPHX KPUB PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 03.15.20 04/22/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-006 KABI KPHX PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 05.18.46 04/22/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-005 KPHX KABI PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 04.16.52 04/19/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-004 KLAS KPHX PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 01.50.14 04/15/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-003 KPHX KLAS PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 02.08.05 04/13/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-002 KROW KPHX PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 03.14.30 04/12/2018 Accepted
PROIFR-001 KPHX KROW PIPER PA-24- (MAC-PA250) 02.28.31 04/12/2018 Accepted
MACPRO-PPL KPHX KFLG C172 (MAC-172) 01.19.01 04/11/2018 Accepted
PRO400010 KFLG KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.17.43 04/10/2018 Accepted
PRO400009 KPHX KFLG C172 (MAC-172) 01.22.34 04/10/2018 Accepted
PRO400008 KYUM KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.21.38 04/10/2018 Accepted
PRO400007 KPHX KYUM C172 (MAC-172) 01.23.52 04/09/2018 Accepted
PRO400012 KSEZ KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.31.22 04/05/2018 Accepted
PRO400011 KPHX KSEZ C172 (MAC-172) 01.06.40 04/05/2018 Accepted
PRO400003 KDVT KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 00.18.31 04/04/2018 Accepted
PRO400002 KPHX KDVT C172 (MAC-172) 00.22.19 04/04/2018 Accepted
PRO400004 KGYR KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 00.22.11 04/04/2018 Accepted
PRO400001 KPHX KGYR C172 (MAC-172) 00.20.49 04/04/2018 Accepted
PRO400014 KTUS KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.39.40 04/03/2018 Accepted
PRO400013 KPHX KTUS C172 (MAC-172) 01.07.45 04/01/2018 Accepted
MAC123764 KAHN KATL CESSNA LIGHT (NMI-CNA) 00.52.29 03/31/2018 Accepted
MAC123767 KATL KAHN CESSNA LIGHT (NMI-CNA) 00.45.54 03/31/2018 Accepted
MAC103736 RJAA KJFK 777-300ER (JAL-B773) 12.34.31 03/30/2018 Accepted
HST192122 KBOS KJFK L-1049 (AOA-1049A) 01.17.04 03/29/2018 Accepted
MAC177292 KLAX KIAD 777-200 (KQA-B772) 04.16.34 03/27/2018 Accepted
HST66034 KCLT KATL 717-200 (DAL-B712) 01.08.01 03/25/2018 Accepted
HST166384 KATL KCLT 717-200 (TRS-B712) 00.54.13 03/23/2018 Accepted
MAC71731 KJFK KATL MD-88 (DAL-MD88) 02.10.41 03/17/2018 Accepted
MAC79348 KATL KJFK 777-200 (DLH-B772) 01.50.54 03/16/2018 Accepted