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Patrick Quigley's Statistics

Name: Patrick Quigley Hours: 56.41
Pilot ID: MAC0338 Flights: 31
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 15423 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 5 Days ago
Hire Date: 02/12/2018 Last Flight Date: 05/22/2018

Patrick Quigley (Hired 104 days ago!)


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PIREP's List (33)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACMDDG-121 KPNS KDFW MD-82 (AAL-MD82) 01.48.57 22/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-120 KDFW KPNS MD-82 (AAL-MD82) 01.41.17 21/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-122 KDFW KMSY MD-82 (AAL-MD82) 01.23.54 16/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-121 KPNS KDFW MD-82 (AAL-MD82) 01.43.04 14/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-120 KDFW KPNS MD-82 (AAL-MD82) 01.48.58 14/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-119 KTPA KDFW MD-82 (AAL-MD82) 02.25.52 07/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-118 KATL KTPA MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.31.45 04/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-117 CYYZ KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.56.40 03/05/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-116 KATL CYYZ MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.03.57 30/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-115 KAGS KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 00.50.22 30/04/2018 Accepted
MAC176139 KDEN KSEA 757-200 (UAL-B752) 03.11.14 29/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-114 KATL KAGS MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 00.53.18 27/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-113 KOMA KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.10.07 26/04/2018 Accepted
MAC176259 KSFO KSEA 757-200 (UAL-B752) 01.46.06 25/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-112 KATL KOMA MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.06.35 24/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-111 KGRR KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.05.02 24/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-111 KGRR KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.45.13 22/04/2018 Rejected
MAC67319 KATL KBOS 757-200 (DAL-B752) 02.37.45 19/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-111 KGRR KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.02.23 17/04/2018 Rejected
MACMDDG-110 KATL KGRR MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.08.40 15/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-109 KCVG KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.37.05 14/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-108 KATL KCVG MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.20.11 12/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-107 KBNA KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 00.50.18 12/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-106 KATL KBNA MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 00.58.25 11/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-105 KPVD KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 03.09.45 10/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-104 KATL KPVD MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.04.06 08/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-103 KORD KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.46.35 08/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-102 KATL KORD MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 01.58.55 07/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-101 KICT KATL MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.02.43 07/04/2018 Accepted
MACMDDG-100 KATL KICT MD-82 (DAL-MD82) 02.16.37 04/04/2018 Accepted
MACFDX4740 KMKE KRHI CESSNA 208C (FDX-C208F) 01.52.16 14/03/2018 Accepted
MACFDX4480 KCWA KMKE CESSNA 208C (FDX-C208F) 01.37.33 11/03/2018 Accepted
MAC120807 KLCK KPKB CESSNA 208 C (MTN-C208) 00.53.50 21/02/2018 Accepted