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Graham Parkin's Statistics

Name: Graham Parkin Hours: 69.28
Pilot ID: MAC0328 Flights: 64
Hub: LOWI Distance Flown: 13791 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 282 Days ago
Hire Date: 02/05/2018 Last Flight Date: 04/13/2018

Graham Parkin (Hired 349 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (64)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACUK-GA31 EGLA EGHC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.25.29 04/13/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA30 EGTE EGLA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.34.40 04/13/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA29 EGHI EGTE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.46.02 04/12/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA28 EGKA EGHI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.14 04/12/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA27 EGMD EGKA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.44 04/10/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA26 EGMC EGMD GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.35.23 04/10/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA25 EGSH EGMC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.03 04/10/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA24 EGXC EGSH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.38.44 04/10/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA23 EGNT EGXC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.31.38 04/08/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA22 EGPH EGNT GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.03.41 04/08/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA21 EGPN EGPH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.23 04/03/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA20 EGPD EGPN GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.46 03/31/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA19 EGPE EGPD GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.36.01 03/31/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA18 EGPB EGPE GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.25.20 03/29/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA17 EGPA EGPB GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.45.25 03/27/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA16 EGPC EGPA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.24.27 03/27/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA15 EGPO EGPC GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.09.51 03/27/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA12 EGPI EGEY GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.15.56 03/27/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA11 EGPF EGPI GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.40.16 03/26/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA10 EGPK EGPF GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.16.17 03/26/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA9 EGNL EGPK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.58.12 03/26/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA8 EGNH EGNL GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.16.24 03/26/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA7 EGGP EGNH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.39.48 03/26/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA6 EGCK EGGP GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.35.08 03/24/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA5 EGFA EGCK GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.28.33 03/24/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA4 EGFH EGFA GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.20.07 03/24/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA3 EGGD EGFH GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.26.29 03/22/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA2 EGHQ EGGD GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.49.26 03/22/2018 Accepted
MACUK-GA1 EGHC EGHQ GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 00.22.37 03/22/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-187 EHLW EICK A319 (EIN-A319) 01.48.12 03/18/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-186 EBOS EHLW A319 (EIN-A319) 00.50.53 03/18/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-185 ELLX EBOS A319 (EIN-A319) 00.49.04 03/17/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-184 LFMN ELLX A319 (EIN-A319) 01.21.08 03/17/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-183 LPPT LFMN A319 (EIN-A319) 02.29.11 03/17/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-182 LEAL LPPT A319 (EIN-A319) 01.56.19 03/16/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-181 EDDK LEAL A319 (EIN-A319) 02.49.17 03/16/2018 Accepted
MACLPE2182 SPIM SPHO A319 (LPE-A319) 01.06.29 03/15/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-180 LKPR EDDK A319 (EIN-A319) 01.22.39 03/15/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-179 LOWW LKPR A319 (EIN-A319) 00.53.22 03/04/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-178 LJLJ LOWW A319 (EIN-A319) 01.04.51 03/03/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-177 LDOS LJLJ A319 (EIN-A319) 00.59.22 03/02/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-176 LIBR LDOS A319 (EIN-A319) 01.15.26 03/02/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-175 LMML LIBR A319 (EIN-A319) 01.20.14 03/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-174 LCLK LMML A319 (EIN-A319) 03.04.37 02/27/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-173 LGAV LCLK A319 (EIN-A319) 01.40.39 02/24/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-172 LBBG LGAV A319 (EIN-A319) 01.29.50 02/24/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-171 LROP LBBG A319 (EIN-A319) 00.50.42 02/22/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-170 LHDC LROP A319 (EIN-A319) 01.18.50 02/22/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-169 LZIB LHDC A319 (EIN-A319) 00.57.21 02/20/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-168 EPWA LZIB A319 (EIN-A319) 01.14.48 02/20/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-167 EYVI EPWA A319 (EIN-A319) 01.08.53 02/20/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-166 EVRA EYVI A319 (EIN-A319) 00.58.01 02/19/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-165 EETN EVRA A319 (EIN-A319) 00.59.29 02/18/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-164 EFLP EETN A319 (EIN-A319) 01.01.07 02/18/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-163 ESSB EFLP A319 (EIN-A319) 01.23.36 02/17/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-162 EKBI ESSB A319 (EIN-A319) 01.18.04 02/15/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-161 EGPD EKBI A319 (EIN-A319) 01.37.05 02/13/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-160 EICK EGPD A319 (EIN-A319) 01.31.35 02/13/2018 Accepted
MAC63461 LCLK LGAV A320 (CYP-A320) 02.03.42 02/12/2018 Accepted
MAC10928 LGAV LCLK A319 (AEE-A319) 01.29.20 02/09/2018 Accepted
MAC86811 LIRN LGAV A319 (EZY-A319) 01.23.26 02/09/2018 Accepted
MAC86639 LSGG LIRN A319 (EZY-A319) 01.36.00 02/08/2018 Accepted
MAC156118 EGLL LSGG A319 (SWR-A319) 01.42.20 02/06/2018 Accepted
MAC38808 EGNM EGLL A320 (BAW-A320) 01.06.37 02/06/2018 Accepted