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Jacob Aubertin's Statistics

Name: Jacob Aubertin Hours: 23.35
Pilot ID: MAC0311 Flights: 11
Hub: CYQT Distance Flown: 7020 miles
Rank: Pilot In Training Last Flight: 103 Days ago
Hire Date: 01/12/2018 Last Flight Date: 03/08/2018

Jacob Aubertin (Hired 159 days ago!)


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PIREP's List (11)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC64489 KBDL KATL A320 (DAL-A320) 02.22.38 03/08/2018 Accepted
MAC104708 KMCO KBDL A320 (JBU-A320) 02.22.24 02/25/2018 Accepted
HST192110 KEYW MUHA TRIM (PAN AM-TRIM) 01.19.00 02/19/2018 Accepted
MAC104900 KJFK KMCO A320 (JBU-A320) 02.23.47 02/10/2018 Accepted
HST192118 CYQX KJFK BOEING B-377 (AOA-B377A) 04.01.11 02/09/2018 Accepted
MACCLX199 KORD KJFK 747-8 FREIGH (CLX-B748F) 01.42.57 02/07/2018 Accepted
MAC123315 KPHX KMSP A320 (NKS-A320) 02.56.49 01/31/2018 Accepted
MAC29521 KSEA KPHX A321 (AWE-A321) 02.38.08 01/30/2018 Accepted
MAC400006 EHRD EGSU B-17 (N3701G) 01.11.50 01/27/2018 Accepted
MAC130806 KPDX KSEA DASH 8-400 (QXE-DH8D) 01.03.01 01/27/2018 Accepted
MAC130681 KSJC KPDX CRJ-700 (QXE-CRJ7) 01.33.49 01/25/2018 Accepted