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Luke Pearce's Statistics

Name: Luke Pearce Hours: 29.45
Pilot ID: MAC0310 Flights: 23
Hub: KSFO Distance Flown: 7397 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: Today
Hire Date: 01/11/2018 Last Flight Date: 01/17/2018

Luke Pearce (Hired 6 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (24)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACEUN-182 LEAL LPPT A319 (EIN-A319) 01.46.25 17/01/2018 Approval Pending
MACEUN-181 EDDK LEAL A319 (EIN-A319) 02.32.21 17/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-180 LKPR EDDK A319 (EIN-A319) 01.29.36 16/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-179 LOWW LKPR A319 (EIN-A319) 00.51.49 16/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-178 LJLJ LOWW A319 (EIN-A319) 01.01.57 16/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-177 LDOS LJLJ A319 (EIN-A319) 00.54.02 16/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-176 LIBR LDOS A319 (EIN-A319) 01.00.36 16/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-175 LMML LIBR A319 (EIN-A319) 01.26.45 16/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-174 LCLK LMML A319 (EIN-A319) 03.08.55 16/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-173 LGAV LCLK A319 (EIN-A319) 01.37.24 15/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-172 LBBG LGAV A319 (EIN-A319) 01.30.57 15/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-171 LROP LBBG A319 (EIN-A319) 00.41.38 15/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-170 LHDC LROP A319 (EIN-A319) 01.03.15 15/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-169 LZIB LHDC A319 (EIN-A319) 00.57.59 14/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-168 EPWA LZIB A319 (EIN-A319) 01.04.19 14/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-167 EYVI EPWA A319 (EIN-A319) 01.02.59 14/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-166 EVRA EYVI A319 (EIN-A319) 00.45.39 13/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-165 EETN EVRA A319 (EIN-A319) 01.24.09 13/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-164 EFLP EETN A319 (EIN-A319) 00.49.25 13/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-163 ESSB EFLP A319 (EIN-A319) 01.14.56 13/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-162 EKBI ESSB A319 (EIN-A319) 01.17.35 12/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-161 EGPD EKBI A319 (EIN-A319) 01.13.12 12/01/2018 Accepted
MACEUN-160 EICK EGPD A319 (EIN-A319) 01.12.42 12/01/2018 Accepted
MAC145301 OERK OMDB A320 (SVA-A320) 01.23.44 12/01/2018 Accepted