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Juan Fernando Aviles's Statistics

Name: Juan Fernando Aviles Hours: 50.35
Pilot ID: MAC0027 Flights: 18
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 18124 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 122 Days ago
Hire Date: 07/01/2017 Last Flight Date: 09/22/2018

Juan Fernando Aviles (Hired 570 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (18)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACBMA27 EGLL UBBB A321 (BMA-A321) 05.15.37 09/22/2018 Accepted
MACBAW101 EIDW EGLL A319 (BAW-A319) 01.22.12 09/19/2018 Accepted
MACEIN133 LPPT EIDW A320 (EIN-A320) 02.37.55 09/17/2018 Accepted
MACTAP176 EKCH LPPT A319 (TAP-A319) 03.56.24 09/15/2018 Accepted
MACAUA153 LOWW EKCH A320 (AUA-A320) 01.41.09 08/26/2018 Accepted
MACAUA176 LIRF LOWW A320 (AUA-A320) 01.28.30 08/21/2018 Accepted
MACAFR1411 LFPG LIRF A321 (AFR-A321) 01.57.00 08/11/2018 Accepted
MACAFR35 EDDS LFPG A318 (AFR-A318) 01.32.55 08/08/2018 Accepted
MACGWI62 LEBB EDDS A319 (GWI-A319) 02.05.10 08/07/2018 Accepted
MACVLG103 LEBL LEBB A320 (VLG-A320) 01.09.03 08/02/2018 Accepted
MACAVA565 SKBO LEBL A330-200 (AVA-A332) 09.39.25 08/01/2018 Accepted
MACAVA10 MROC SKBO A318 (AVA-A318) 01.59.35 07/27/2018 Accepted
MACLRC51 MSLP MROC A320 (LRC-A320) 01.16.13 07/25/2018 Accepted
MAC116025 MSLP MMUN A320 (LRC-A320) 01.36 08/14/2017 Accepted
MAC157309 MSLP KIAD A320 (TAI-A320) 04.24 07/20/2017 Accepted
MAC115998 MSLP CYYZ A319 (LRC-A319) 04.44 07/15/2017 Accepted
MAC157218 MHLM MSLP A319 (TAI-A319) 00.44 07/06/2017 Accepted
MAC64836 KATL MHLM A320 (DAL-A320) 03.06 07/06/2017 Accepted