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Jason Hynes's Statistics

Name: Jason Hynes Hours: 37.24
Pilot ID: MAC0264 Flights: 16
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 12270 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 26 Days ago
Hire Date: 11/25/2017 Last Flight Date: 01/23/2018

Jason Hynes (Hired 85 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (16)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
PRO400010 KFLG KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.03.11 23/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400009 KPHX KFLG C172 (MAC-172) 01.07.35 22/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400008 KYUM KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.29.57 22/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400007 KPHX KYUM C172 (MAC-172) 01.37.03 21/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400012 KSEZ KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.05.07 11/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400011 KPHX KSEZ C172 (MAC-172) 00.54.58 10/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400003 KDVT KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 00.20.09 10/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400002 KPHX KDVT C172 (MAC-172) 00.24.41 09/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400004 KGYR KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 00.16.47 06/01/2018 Accepted
PRO400001 KPHX KGYR C172 (MAC-172) 00.32.35 05/12/2017 Accepted
PRO400014 KTUS KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.26.28 05/12/2017 Accepted
PRO400013 KPHX KTUS C172 (MAC-172) 01.00.12 04/12/2017 Accepted
MAC104093 KLAX KFLL A320 (JBU-A320) 04.41.14 01/12/2017 Accepted
MAC68392 KATL KLAX 777-200 (DAL-B772) 04.31.21 30/11/2017 Accepted
MAC13814 LFPG KATL 747-400 (AFR-B744) 09.14.53 29/11/2017 Accepted
MAC13815 KATL LFPG 747-400 (AFR-B744) 07.38.33 27/11/2017 Accepted