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Frans Vranken's Statistics

Name: Frans Vranken Hours: 50.50
Pilot ID: MAC0234 Flights: 16
Hub: LOWI Distance Flown: 14921 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 46 Days ago
Hire Date: 11/04/2017 Last Flight Date: 01/03/2018

Frans Vranken (Hired 106 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (18)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC105851 LEMD GCFV A320 (JKK-A320) 03.01.23 03/01/2018 Accepted
MAC105989 LEIB LEMD A320 (JKK-A320) 01.09.34 02/01/2018 Accepted
MAC106016 ESSA LEBL A320 (JKK-A320) 03.43.01 29/12/2017 Accepted
MAC109057 EDDF ESSA 747-400 FREI (KAL-B744F) 01.58.53 28/12/2017 Accepted
MAC10520 LTBA LJLJ A320 (ADR-A320) 02.23.38 19/12/2017 Accepted
MAC110308 LTAI LTBA A320 (KKK-A320) 01.17.20 16/12/2017 Accepted
MAC119336 UUWW LTAI 737-800 (MOA-B738) 03.28.07 15/12/2017 Accepted
MAC119329 HEGN UUWW 737-800 (MOA-B738) 04.42.47 27/11/2017 Accepted
MAC101281 EBBR HEGN 737-700 (IRR-B737) 05.03.50 25/11/2017 Accepted
HST16341 TTPP TBPB 727-200 FREI (AJT-B722F) 01.08.43 20/11/2017 Rejected
HST191934 TJBQ TTPP C-47 (USN-R4D8Z) 03.53.09 18/11/2017 Accepted
HST191933 KSUA TJBQ C-47 (USN-R4D8Z) 05.12.42 17/11/2017 Accepted
MAC101448 GMMX EBBR 737-800 (IRR-B738) 03.29.23 13/11/2017 Accepted
MAC101610 LFPG GMMX 737-800 (IRR-B738) 03.44.34 11/11/2017 Accepted
MAC2 DAUH LFPG A319 (AAF-A319) 03.31.30 09/11/2017 Accepted
MAC1 LFPG DAUH A319 (AAF-A319) 03.04.13 08/11/2017 Accepted
HST192061 LOWI LOWS DC-3 (SWR-DC3) 01.06.12 06/11/2017 Accepted
HST192061 LOWI LOWS DC-3 (SWR-DC3) 00.48.14 05/11/2017 Rejected