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Matthew McMahon's Statistics

Name: Matthew McMahon Hours: 76.19
Pilot ID: MAC0195 Flights: 25
Hub: CYQT Distance Flown: 28688 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 18 Days ago
Hire Date: 10/11/2017 Last Flight Date: 07/31/2018

Matthew McMahon (Hired 312 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (25)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACDAL8126 KSLC KPIH SAAB 340 (DAL-S340) 00.45.40 07/31/2018 Accepted
MACUAL9353 KSEA KSFO CRJ-700 (UAL-CRJ7) 02.10.27 07/31/2018 Accepted
MACUAL10109 KPDX KLMT EMB-120 (UAL-E120) 01.04.32 07/16/2018 Accepted
CRGFDX5380 KLMT KPDX CESSNA 208C (FDX-C208F) 01.07.51 07/02/2018 Accepted
MACQWS-101 KPDX PANC B787-800 (UAL-B787) 03.35.51 06/17/2018 Accepted
MACQWS-100 KPHX KPDX B787-800 (UAL-B787) 02.27.01 06/10/2018 Accepted
MAC122636 KJFK ESSA B787-800 (NAX-B787) 07.06.26 06/03/2018 Accepted
MAC176784 KPHX KEWR 757-200 (UAL-B752) 04.09.21 03/25/2018 Accepted
MAC30166 KDCA KPHX 757-200 (AWE-B752) 04.48.47 03/12/2018 Accepted
MAC1139 KDFW KDCA 737-800 (AAL-B738) 02.37.01 03/03/2018 Accepted
MAC528 KSEA KDFW 737-800 (AAL-B738) 03.40.13 03/02/2018 Accepted
MAC72114 KSLC KSEA MD-90 (DAL-MD90) 01.58.39 03/02/2018 Accepted
MAC24311 KSEA KSLC 737-700 (ASA-B737) 01.50.27 12/24/2017 Accepted
MAC175617 KIAD KSEA 737-900 (UAL-B739) 05.28.20 12/10/2017 Accepted
MAC177298 KSFO KIAD 777-200 (UAL-B772) 04.56.58 12/09/2017 Accepted
MAC212 KDFW KSFO A320 (AAL-A320) 03.35.13 12/09/2017 Accepted
MAC1286 KDCA KDFW 737-800 (AAL-B738) 03.08.18 12/04/2017 Accepted
MAC177306 KIAH EHAM 777-200 (UAL-B772) 09.47.39 12/03/2017 Accepted
MAC177423 KSFO KIAH B787-800 (UAL-B787) 03.37.36 11/23/2017 Accepted
MAC178031 KMFR KSFO CRJ-700 (UAL-CRJ7) 01.22.34 11/23/2017 Accepted
MAC130689 KSEA KMFR CRJ-700 (QXE-CRJ7) 01.19.38 11/22/2017 Accepted
HST88726 KDFW KMEM DC-10-30 (FDX-DC10) 01.15.53 11/13/2017 Accepted
MAC2682 KDFW KSDF CRJ-700 (AAL-CRJ7) 01.37.32 11/06/2017 Accepted
MAC24541 KSEA KSLC CRJ-700 (ASA-CRJ7) 01.52.31 10/29/2017 Accepted
MAC140775 KMFR KSEA 737-800 (SCX-B738) 00.54.57 10/29/2017 Accepted