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John Love's Statistics

Name: John Love Hours: 23.57
Pilot ID: MAC0178 Flights: 8
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 7985 miles
Rank: Pilot In Training Last Flight: 229 Days ago
Hire Date: 09/12/2017 Last Flight Date: 10/07/2017

John Love (Hired 254 days ago!)


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PIREP's List (8)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC188561 EGLL KEWR 747-400 (VIR-B744) 08.06.10 07/10/2017 Accepted
MAC122408 ESSA EGPH 737-800 (NAX-B738) 02.15.57 06/10/2017 Accepted
MAC57037 LFPG ESSA 747-400 FREI (CPA-B744F) 02.26.12 04/10/2017 Accepted
MAC78875 EDDM LFPG 737-500 (DLH-B735) 01.32.53 02/10/2017 Accepted
MAC43372 LIRN EDDM 737-800 (BER-B738) 01.50.31 26/09/2017 Accepted
MAC163378 LTBA LIRN 737-800 (THY-B738) 02.11.08 20/09/2017 Accepted
MAC170202 VABB OMDB 777-200 (UAE-B772) 02.55.11 17/09/2017 Accepted
MAC110892 WADD WSSS 777-200 (KLM-B772) 02.39.38 16/09/2017 Accepted