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Chris Randolph's Statistics

Name: Chris Randolph Hours: 52.44
Pilot ID: MAC0161 Flights: 25
Hub: KPHX Distance Flown: 10744 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 527 Days ago
Hire Date: 08/23/2017 Last Flight Date: 09/14/2017

Chris Randolph (Hired 549 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (25)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC108524 RKSI VHHH A380-800 (KAL-A388) 03.29.01 09/14/2017 Accepted
MAC130710 KSFO KPDX CRJ-700 (QXE-CRJ7) 01.40.30 09/12/2017 Accepted
HST191503 PABE PANC DC-6 FREIGHT (VTS-DC6F) 01.26.41 09/09/2017 Accepted
HST191485 PANC PABE DC-6 FREIGHT (VTS-DC6F) 01.39.49 09/09/2017 Accepted
HST192243 PAKN PANC GRUMMAN GOOS (PEN-G21) 01.39.36 09/09/2017 Accepted
HST192247 PADU PAKN GRUMMAN GOOS (PEN-G21) 02.49.54 09/08/2017 Accepted
HST192240 PANC PADU GRUMMAN GOOS (PEN-G21) 04.50.59 09/07/2017 Accepted
HST192244 PABE PANC GRUMMAN GOOS (PEN-G21) 02.21.14 09/06/2017 Accepted
HST192237 PANC PABE GRUMMAN GOOS (PEN-G21) 02.27.45 09/05/2017 Accepted
MAC114284 KMIA MBPV SAAB 340 (LMT-S340) 02.25.24 09/04/2017 Accepted
MAC100361 EGTE EGHE DASH 6 (IOS-DHC6) 01.22.51 09/04/2017 Accepted
MAC126171 PADU KQA GRUMMAN GOOS (PEN-G21) 00.38.40 09/03/2017 Accepted
MAC10124 PAFA PABT CESSNA LIGHT (ACP-CNA) 01.20.46 08/31/2017 Accepted
MAC130693 KSEA KFAT CRJ-700 (QXE-CRJ7) 02.28.04 08/30/2017 Accepted
MAC10142 PAFA PAGA CESSNA LIGHT (ACP-CNA) 01.44.15 08/30/2017 Accepted
MAC10148 PARY PAFA CESSNA LIGHT (ACP-CNA) 01.48.21 08/29/2017 Accepted
MAC95764 PANC PAHO CESSNA LIGHT (GUN-CNA) 01.16.34 08/28/2017 Accepted
MAC16186 PAJN PAGY PIPER LIGHT (AIR-PIPR) 01.27.35 08/28/2017 Accepted
MAC127818 PEC PAJN DHC-2 BEAVER (PRL-DHC2) 00.44.41 08/28/2017 Accepted
MAC1306 KPHX KORD 737-800 (AAL-B738) 03.39.52 08/28/2017 Accepted
MAC1009 KLAX MMSD 737-800 (AAL-B738) 02.15.49 08/27/2017 Accepted
MAC180195 KPHX KLAX CRJ-700 (UAL-CRJ7) 01.27.44 08/27/2017 Accepted
MAC180185 KDFW KDEN CRJ-700 (UAL-CRJ7) 02.33.27 08/26/2017 Accepted
MAC2575 KCRW KDFW CRJ-700 (AAL-CRJ7) 02.50.55 08/25/2017 Accepted
MAC174988 KPHX KDEN 737-800 (UAL-B738) 02.13.54 08/24/2017 Accepted