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Bob Mitchell's Statistics

Name: Bob Mitchell Hours: 31.40
Pilot ID: MAC0152 Flights: 16
Hub: CYQT Distance Flown: 10762 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 495 Days ago
Hire Date: 08/12/2017 Last Flight Date: 09/12/2017

Bob Mitchell (Hired 526 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (16)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC172620 KLGA KORD A320 (UAL-A320) 01.53.51 09/12/2017 Accepted
MAC1100 KMIA KLGA 737-800 (AAL-B738) 02.20.43 09/08/2017 Accepted
MAC1142 KATL KMIA 737-800 (AAL-B738) 01.33.55 09/03/2017 Accepted
MAC154735 KDCA KATL 737-700 (SWA-B737) 01.36.26 08/27/2017 Accepted
MAC104338 KBOS KDCA A320 (JBU-A320) 01.18.25 08/26/2017 Accepted
MAC1002 KORD KBOS 737-800 (AAL-B738) 00.00.00 08/26/2017 Accepted
MAC172932 CYYC KORD A320 (UAL-A320) 02.48.03 08/25/2017 Accepted
MAC192651 CYYT CYYC 737-700 (WJA-B737) 06.52.16 08/25/2017 Accepted
MAC127512 CYHZ CYYT DASH 8-400 (POE-DH8D) 01.36.20 08/24/2017 Accepted
MAC127503 CYOW CYHZ DASH 8-400 (POE-DH8D) 01.47.33 08/22/2017 Accepted
MAC192433 CYWG CYOW 737-600 (WJA-B736) 02.39 08/18/2017 Accepted
MAC45967 CYGX CYWG SAAB 340 (CAV-S340) 01.40 08/17/2017 Accepted
MAC45960 CYWG CYGX SAAB 340 (CAV-S340) 01.44 08/16/2017 Accepted
MAC125581 CYIV CYWG DASH 8-100 (PAG-DH8A) 01.19 08/15/2017 Accepted
MAC125594 CYWG CYIV DASH 8-100 (PAG-DH8A) 01.13 08/14/2017 Accepted
MAC192516 CYQT CYWG 737-700 (WJA-B737) 01.18 08/13/2017 Accepted