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Tony Petrowsky's Statistics

Name: Tony Petrowsky Hours: 97.29
Pilot ID: MAC0145 Flights: 49
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 9749 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: Yesterday
Hire Date: 08/04/2017 Last Flight Date: 10/17/2017

Tony Petrowsky (Hired 75 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (49)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
PROMULT-016 MUCU TJSJ BEECH 1900D (SOA-B190) 02.46.36 17/10/2017 Accepted
PROMULT-015 KTNT MUCU BEECH 1900D (PCO-B190) 02.37.50 15/10/2017 Accepted
PROMULT-014 KGNV KTNT BEECH 1900D (MAC-B190) 01.26.52 14/10/2017 Accepted
PROMULT-013 KBIX KGNV BEECH 1900D (MAC-B190) 02.18.35 12/10/2017 Accepted
PROMULT-012 KDWH KBIX BEECH 1900D (MAC-B190) 01.50.30 11/10/2017 Accepted
PROMULT-011 KDRT KDWH BEECH 1900D (MAC-B190) 01.48.40 08/10/2017 Accepted
PROMULT-010 KPHX KDRT BEECH 1900D (MAC-B190) 02.43.41 07/10/2017 Accepted
MACPRO-IFR KPHX P08 GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.08.41 01/10/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-010 KCRQ KPHX CESSNA 402C (COA-402C) 02.28.45 28/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-009 KPHX KCRQ CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 02.29.43 28/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-008 KPUB KPHX CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 05.00.38 27/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-007 KPHX KPUB CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 03.56.11 26/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-006 KABI KPHX CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 06.51.13 25/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-005 KPHX KABI CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 05.23.45 25/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-004 KLAS KPHX CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 02.47.07 24/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-003 KPHX KLAS CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 02.31.36 23/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-002 KROW KPHX CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 04.12.36 23/09/2017 Accepted
PROIFR-001 KPHX KROW CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 03.16.40 22/09/2017 Accepted
MACPRO-PPL KPHX KFLG C172 (MAC-172) 01.51.35 19/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400014 KTUS KPHX CESSNA LIGHT (HAG-CNA) 01.13.57 16/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400013 KPHX KTUS C172 (MAC-172) 01.19.02 16/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400012 KSEZ KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.24.36 15/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400011 KPHX KSEZ C172 (MAC-172) 01.05.22 15/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400010 KFLG KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.27.18 14/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400009 KPHX KFLG C172 (MAC-172) 01.53.22 14/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400008 KYUM KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 01.33.52 14/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400007 KPHX KYUM C172 (MAC-172) 01.55.20 13/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400003 KDVT KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 00.29.40 12/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400002 KPHX KDVT C172 (MAC-172) 00.24.37 12/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400004 KGYR KPHX C172 (MAC-172) 00.27.48 12/09/2017 Accepted
PRO400001 KPHX KGYR C172 (MAC-172) 00.44.30 11/09/2017 Accepted
MAC109550 KSTL KOWB CESSNA LIGHT (KAP-CNA) 02.13.33 09/09/2017 Accepted
MAC191663 KBRL KSTL CESSNA LIGHT (WBR-CNA) 01.47.57 08/09/2017 Accepted
MAC191661 KSTL KBRL CESSNA LIGHT (WBR-CNA) 01.38.43 08/09/2017 Accepted
MAC109538 KSTL KIRK C172 (MAC-172) 01.30.00 03/09/2017 Accepted
MAC109531 KUIN KSTL CESSNA LIGHT (KAP-CNA) 01.17 10/08/2017 Accepted
MAC109532 KSTL KUIN CESSNA LIGHT (KAP-CNA) 01.08 10/08/2017 Accepted
MAC109518 KMWA KSTL CESSNA LIGHT (KAP-CNA) 01.35 10/08/2017 Accepted
MAC109520 KSTL KMWA CESSNA LIGHT (KAP-CNA) 01.03 10/08/2017 Accepted
MAC191669 KJBR KSTL CESSNA LIGHT (WBR-CNA) 01.49 09/08/2017 Accepted
MAC191670 KSTL KJBR CESSNA LIGHT (WBR-CNA) 01.49 09/08/2017 Accepted
MAC109524 KCGI KSTL CESSNA LIGHT (KAP-CNA) 01.23 09/08/2017 Accepted
MAC109525 KSTL KCGI CESSNA LIGHT (KAP-CNA) 01.09 08/08/2017 Accepted
MAC191656 KDEC KSTL CESSNA LIGHT (WBR-CNA) 01.08 08/08/2017 Accepted
MAC191650 KORD KDEC CESSNA LIGHT (WBR-CNA) 01.56 07/08/2017 Accepted
MAC123768 KAHN KATL CESSNA LIGHT (NMI-CNA) 01.06 07/08/2017 Accepted
MAC123767 KATL KAHN CESSNA LIGHT (NMI-CNA) 01.03 06/08/2017 Accepted
MAC123770 KMCN KATL CESSNA LIGHT (NMI-CNA) 00.55 06/08/2017 Accepted
MAC123769 KATL KMCN CESSNA LIGHT (NMI-CNA) 01.28 06/08/2017 Accepted