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Waldo Petri's Statistics

Name: Waldo Petri Hours: 27.52
Pilot ID: MAC0103 Flights: 20
Hub: LOWI Distance Flown: 6122 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 9 Days ago
Hire Date: 07/09/2017 Last Flight Date: 08/13/2017

Waldo Petri (Hired 45 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (20)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MAC43558 EDDL EGSS DASH 8-400 (BER-DH8D) 01.48 13/08/2017 Accepted
PRO400001 KPHX KGYR C172 (MAC-172) 00.36 13/08/2017 Accepted
MAC95990 EGSS EDDV A320 (WZZ-A320) 01.14 12/08/2017 Accepted
MAC78854 EGKK EDDF 737-500 (DLH-B735) 01.23 11/08/2017 Accepted
MAC134035 EDDW EGCC 737-800 (RYR-B738) 01.17 11/08/2017 Accepted
MAC169459 LOWW LOWI DASH 8-400 (TYR-DH8D) 01.07 09/08/2017 Accepted
MAC122414 ESSA EDDB 737-800 (NAX-B738) 01.48 08/08/2017 Accepted
MAC64101 KSEA KSLC A320 (DAL-A320) 01.48 08/08/2017 Accepted
MAC85841 EGNT EGGD A320 (EZY-A320) 01.00 07/08/2017 Accepted
MAC64654 KDEN KMSP A320 (DAL-A320) 01.57 07/08/2017 Accepted
MAC104713 KSMF KLGB A320 (JBU-A320) 01.34 06/08/2017 Accepted
MAC87347 EGGD EGNT A320 (EZY-A320) 00.58 05/08/2017 Accepted
MAC84767 LSGG LFBO A320 (EZY-A320) 01.29 04/08/2017 Accepted
MAC124345 VNKT VNLK DASH 6 (NYT-DHC6) 00.50 19/07/2017 Accepted
MAC165203 EGKK LFLB 737-800 (TOM-B738) 01.52 16/07/2017 Accepted
MAC79143 EDDF EGKK 737-500 (DLH-B735) 01.27 14/07/2017 Accepted
MAC79874 LOWI EDDF DASH 8-400 (DLH-DH8D) 01.25 13/07/2017 Accepted
MAC25817 LOWW LOWI DASH 8-400 (AUA-DH8D) 01.10 12/07/2017 Accepted
MAC42839 EDDT LOWW 737-700 (BER-B737) 01.17 11/07/2017 Accepted
MAC165861 LOWI EDDT 737-700 (TRA-B737) 01.52 11/07/2017 Accepted