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Greg Gordon's Statistics

Name: Greg Gordon Hours: 42.05
Pilot ID: MAC0101 Flights: 47
Hub: KATL Distance Flown: 110648 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: Today
Hire Date: 07/09/2017 Last Flight Date: 02/23/2019

Greg Gordon (Hired 595 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (47)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACPEN124 PANC PASN SAAB 340 (PEN-S340) 03.21.21 02/23/2019 Accepted
MACASA145 PAFA PANC DASH 8-200 (ASA-DH8B) 01.12.57 02/15/2019 Accepted
MACVTS6 PAEG PAFA PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 01.28.03 02/15/2019 Accepted
MACVTS5 PAFA PAEG PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 01.23.31 02/15/2019 Accepted
MACMLA4 PATJ PAFA CESSNA LIGHT (MLA-CNA) 01.23.05 02/10/2019 Accepted
MACMLA3 CKX PATJ CESSNA LIGHT (MLA-CNA) 00.29.29 02/10/2019 Accepted
MACMLA2 PATJ CKX CESSNA LIGHT (MLA-CNA) 00.28.02 02/10/2019 Accepted
MACMLA1 PAFA PATJ CESSNA LIGHT (MLA-CNA) 01.21.36 02/09/2019 Accepted
MACVTS12 PAMH PAFA PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.54.07 02/09/2019 Accepted
MACACP64 PAFA PAMH PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.53.54 02/09/2019 Accepted
MACWAV12 PAFA CEM PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.41.53 02/09/2019 Accepted
MACACP18 Z91 PAFA CESSNA 208 C (BVN-C208) 00.45.54 02/08/2019 Accepted
MACACP17 PFYU Z91 CESSNA 208 C (BVN-C208) 00.17.08 02/08/2019 Accepted
MACWAV30 CIK PFYU PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.30.14 02/08/2019 Accepted
MACWAV29 PFYU CIK PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.22.58 02/08/2019 Accepted
MACWAV10 PAFA PFYU PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.47.37 02/06/2019 Accepted
MACWAV17 WBQ PAFA PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.58.29 02/06/2019 Accepted
MACVTS10 PARC WBQ PIPER PA-31 (ERR-PA31) 00.52.01 02/05/2019 Accepted
MACVTS9 VEE PARC PIPER PA-31 (FDX-PA31F) 00.30.35 02/05/2019 Accepted
MACACP27 PFYU VEE C206 STATION (CNA-C206) 00.23.14 02/04/2019 Accepted
MACWRF5 VEE PFYU CESSNA LIGHT (WRF-CNA) 00.26.28 12/07/2018 Accepted
MACACP30 PARC VEE CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208) 00.44.28 12/07/2018 Accepted
MACACP29 PFYU PARC CESSNA LIGHT (ACP-CNA) 00.47.44 08/19/2018 Accepted
MACKWI-101 NZKT NZGB GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.09.14 03/18/2018 Accepted
MACKWI-100 NZAA NZKT GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1) 01.01.32 03/18/2018 Accepted
MAC7350 CYVR CYYC A320 (ACA-A320) 01.36.30 03/16/2018 Accepted
MAC7641 PANC CYVR A320 (ACA-A320) 03.31.41 03/16/2018 Accepted
MAC24650 PAFA PANC DASH 8-200 (ASA-DH8B) 01.03.13 02/17/2018 Accepted
MAC191627 SVS WBQ PIPER LIGHT (WAV-PIPR) 00.48.09 12/28/2017 Accepted
MAC191626 PAFA SVS PIPER LIGHT (WAV-PIPR) 00.43.17 12/28/2017 Accepted
MAC10161 6A8 PAFA CESSNA LIGHT (ACP-CNA) 01.06.38 12/28/2017 Accepted
MAC193613 PABT 6A8 CESSNA LIGHT (WRF-CNA) 00.24.23 12/28/2017 Accepted
MAC10126 6A8 PABT CESSNA LIGHT (ACP-CNA) 00.23.27 12/27/2017 Accepted
MAC10156 PAFA 6A8 CESSNA LIGHT (ACP-CNA) 01.09.12 12/27/2017 Accepted
MAC191616 RMP PAFA CESSNA LIGHT (WAV-CNA) 00.44.52 12/27/2017 Accepted
MAC191615 PAFA RMP CESSNA LIGHT (WAV-CNA) 00.37.04 12/27/2017 Accepted
MAC191514 PAMH PAFA PIPER LIGHT (VTS-PIPR) 00.56.54 12/27/2017 Accepted
MAC193663 PAFA PAMH PIPER LIGHT (WRF-PIPR) 00.59.40 12/27/2017 Accepted
MAC119088 HRR PAFA CESSNA LIGHT (MLA-CNA) 00.56.19 12/26/2017 Accepted
MAC119087 PAFA HRR CESSNA LIGHT (MLA-CNA) 00.56.16 12/26/2017 Accepted
MAC144461 PAOH PAGS CESSNA LIGHT (SQH-CNA) 00.16.38 12/01/2017 Accepted
MAC144475 PAOH PAJN CESSNA LIGHT (SQH-CNA) 00.17.23 10/15/2017 Accepted
MAC144469 PAJN PAOH CESSNA LIGHT (SQH-CNA) 00.21.10 09/15/2017 Accepted
MAC123793 PHNL PHMK CESSNA LIGHT (NMI-CNA) 00.30 08/13/2017 Accepted
MAC15994 PHMK PHNL BEECH LIGHT (AIP-BEC) 00.37 07/17/2017 Accepted
MAC15993 PHNY PHMK BEECH LIGHT (AIP-BEC) 00.18 07/15/2017 Accepted
MAC15992 PHNL PHNY BEECH LIGHT (AIP-BEC) 00.32 07/14/2017 Accepted