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Captain Mac's Statistics

Name: Captain Mac Hours: 52.15
Pilot ID: MAC0001 Flights: 20
Hub: LGTS Distance Flown: 18209 miles
Rank: First Officer Last Flight: 6 Days ago
Hire Date: 05/04/2017 Last Flight Date: 12/09/2017

Captain Mac (Hired 225 days ago!)

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PIREP's List (20)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
MACFDXTR02 KAFW KLAX MD-11 (FDX-MD11F) 03.24.58 09/12/2017 Accepted
MACFDXTR01 KOAK KAFW MD-11 (FDX-MD11F) 03.07.09 02/12/2017 Accepted
MAC165968 EHAM LOWI 737-700 (TRA-B737) 01.38.10 01/12/2017 Accepted
MAC194943 KSAN KSEZ 737-600 (WJA-B736) 01.17.49 20/11/2017 Accepted
MAC150234 KSAN KTUS 737-700 (SWA-B737) 01.20.28 17/11/2017 Accepted
MACQWS-103 KPHL CYUL B787-800 (UAL-B787) 01.59.06 14/11/2017 Accepted
MAC102415 ZUUU VHHH 747-400 (JAE-B744) 02.15.02 11/11/2017 Accepted
MAC194962 EDDF EDDF 747-400 FREI (DHL-B744F) 00.38.20 04/11/2017 Accepted
MAC128225 PHNL YSSY A330-300 (QFA-A333) 10.16.27 03/11/2017 Accepted
MAC142274 EGCC EDDM 777-200 (DLH-B772) 02.34.15 01/11/2017 Accepted
MAC57062 EDDF EGCC 747-400 FREI (CPA-B744F) 01.37.35 30/10/2017 Accepted
MAC102391 LOWW EDDF 747-400 (JAE-B744) 01.25.51 28/10/2017 Accepted
MACQWS-102 PANC KPHL B787-800 (UAL-B787) 05.58.50 26/10/2017 Accepted
MACQWS-101 KPDX PANC B787-800 (UAL-B787) 03.16.48 20/10/2017 Accepted
MACQWS-100 KPHX KPDX B787-800 (UAL-B787) 02.43.56 14/10/2017 Accepted
MACUSA-114 KRNO KTWF 737-800 (SWA-B738) 01.09.12 14/10/2017 Accepted
MACUSA-113 KTUS KRNO 737-800 (SWA-B738) 01.58.04 13/10/2017 Accepted
MACUSA-112 KMFR KTUS 737-800 (SWA-B738) 02.11.39 13/10/2017 Accepted
MACUSA-111 KPAE KMFR 737-800 (SWA-B738) 01.08.53 12/10/2017 Accepted
MACUSA-110 PAJN KPAE 737-800 (AAL-B738) 02.12.58 12/10/2017 Accepted