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Flight MACNEP-131

  • Submitted By: George Fencik
  • Departure Airport: Chaurjhari Airport (VNCJ)
  • Arrival Airport: Gautam Buddha Airport (VNBW)
  • Aircraft: CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208)
  • Flight Time: 00.45.13
  • Date Submitted: 22/01/2018
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(14 load / $ 90.00 per unit
$ 1, 260.00
Fuel Cost:
(102.965 fuel used @ 0.5 / unit)
$ 51.48

Additional Log Information:

FS[03:21z] ----- Flight Opened -----
FS[03:21z] MACARS -
FS[03:21z] FS: Prepar3D
FS[03:21z] FSUIPC: v4.971
FS[03:21z] Flight Number: MACNEP-131
FS[03:21z] FS Aircraft: C208B Grand Caravan EX N229TB
FS[03:21z] FS Model: C208
FS[03:21z] FS Type: Cessna
FS[03:21z] Departure: VNCJ
FS[03:21z] Arrival: VNBW
FS[03:21z] Flight Level: 9000
FS[03:21z] Flight Type: P
FS[03:21z] Passengers: 14
FS[03:21z] FOB: 600 lbs
FS[03:21z] Distance to Departure: 94.57 miles
FS[03:21z] Gate: n/a
FS[03:21z] Crash Detection: Disabled
FS[03:21z] Engines: 1 Turboprop
FS[03:21z] NOTE: Boarding has started
FS[03:21z] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[03:21z] Light Data: Navigation ON
FS[03:21z] Light Data: Beacon ON
FS[03:21z] Main Door Closed
FS[03:21z] NAV1: 113.70
FS[03:21z] NAV2: 110.60
FS[03:21z] Navigation Mode: GPS
FS[03:21z] Navigation Mode: GPS
FS[03:26z] Engine 1: Started
FS[03:26z] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[03:26z] Parking Brake: Released
FS[03:26z] NOTE: ----- TAKE OFF -----
FS[03:26z] Speed Data: 73 knots GS | 80 knots TAS | 72 knots IAS | 3 fpm VS
FS[03:26z] FOB: 597 lbs
FS[03:26z] Heading: 37° | Pitch: 1° | Bank: 0°
FS[03:26z] Aircraft Weight: 6166.96 lbs
FS[03:26z] Nearest Airport: VNSK | 29.64 miles
FS[03:26z] Runway: 3 - VNCJ
FS[03:26z] Ground Surface: Grass
FS[03:26z] Ground Condition: Normal
FS[03:26z] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[03:26z] Wind 69° | 6 knots
FS[03:26z] OAT: 0° C | TAT: 1° C | Precipitation: None | Dew Point: -13° C
FS[03:26z] Visibility: 8 miles
FS[03:26z] METAR: No METAR available for VNCJ.
FS[03:27z] Light Data: Taxi lights ON
FS[03:27z] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[03:27z] Light Data: Strobe lights ON
FS[03:30z] NOTE: Climb started
FS[03:30z] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[03:34z] Autopilot: Engaged
FS[03:34z] Altitude Data: 5036 ft AGL | 9156 ft AMSL
FS[03:34z] NOTE: TOC reached
FS[03:34z] NOTE: Cruise started
FS[03:34z] Speed Data: 159 knots GS | 159 knots TAS | 135 knots IAS | 173 fpm VS
FS[03:34z] FOB: 561 lbs
FS[03:34z] Heading: 114° | Pitch: 1° | Bank: 1°
FS[03:34z] Aircraft Weight: 6131.18 lbs
FS[03:35z] FS: Paused
FS[03:35z] FS: Unpaused
FS[03:53z] NOTE: TOD reached
FS[03:53z] NOTE: Descent started
FS[03:53z] Speed Data: 180 knots GS | 182 knots TAS | 160 knots IAS | -797 fpm VS
FS[03:53z] FOB: 437 lbs
FS[03:53z] Heading: 122° | Pitch: 4° | Bank: 0°
FS[03:53z] Aircraft Weight: 6008.03 lbs
FS[03:53z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[03:56z] NOTE: On approach
FS[04:03z] Autopilot: Disengaged
FS[04:03z] Altitude Data: 2670 ft AGL | 3034 ft AMSL
FS[04:04z] Flaps: Position 1
FS[04:04z] Speed Data: 136 knots GS | 134 knots TAS | 126 knots IAS | -567 fpm VS
FS[04:06z] Flaps: Position 2
FS[04:06z] Speed Data: 103 knots GS | 107 knots TAS | 101 knots IAS | -1393 fpm VS
FS[04:09z] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[04:09z] Landing Rate: -119.96 fpm
FS[04:09z] Speed Data: 60 knots GS | 63 knots TAS | 55 knots IAS | -116 fpm VS
FS[04:09z] FOB: 372 lbs
FS[04:09z] Heading: 274° | Pitch: 2° | Bank: 0°
FS[04:09z] Aircraft Weight: 5942.27 lbs
FS[04:09z] Nearest Airport: VNBW | 0.56 miles
FS[04:09z] Runway: 28 - VNBW
FS[04:09z] Ground Surface: Urban
FS[04:09z] Ground Condition: Normal
FS[04:09z] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[04:09z] Wind 208° | 6 knots
FS[04:09z] OAT: 12° C | TAT: 13° C | Precipitation: None | Dew Point: 7° C
FS[04:09z] Visibility: 8 miles
FS[04:09z] METAR: No METAR available for VNBW.
FS[04:09z] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[04:09z] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[04:09z] Light Data: Strobe lights OFF
FS[04:09z] Light Data: Landing lights OFF
FS[04:09z] Flaps: Position 0
FS[04:10z] NOTE: Arrived
FS[04:10z] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[04:10z] Engine 1: Stopped
FS[04:11z] Distance to Arrival: 0.30 miles
FS[04:11z] Gate: n/a
FS[04:11z] NOTE: Flight Completed
FS[04:11z] FS Aircraft: C208B Grand Caravan EX N229TB
FS[04:11z] FS Model: C208
FS[04:11z] FS Type: Cessna
FS[04:11z] FOB: 370 lbs
FS[04:11z] Fuel Used: 227 lbs
FS[04:11z] Flight Time: 00:45:13
FS[04:11z] Flight Time (Dawn): 00:00:00
FS[04:11z] Flight Time (Day): 00:45:13
FS[04:11z] Flight Time (Dusk): 00:00:00
FS[04:11z] Flight Time (Night): 00:00:00
FS[04:11z] Total Landings: 1
FS[04:11z] MaxSim Rate: 1x
FS[04:11z] MACARS -
FS[04:11z] ----- Flight Closed -----


Commenter Comment
George Fencik MACARS keeps saying I'm not at the departure airport and I'm 94 km away. However P3D says i'm at VNCJ and PlanG confirms I'm at VNCJ for departture. So I continued with the flight. Believe the MACARS, and P3D DB's are out of sync.
Eric Grindstaff 3 different sites produce 3 different sets of coordinates. I've changed them to a different set so hopefully it'll be a little closer.

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